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How’s Your Twitter Resume – #Twesume


This post, by Pavi Andaloo, a second-year full-time MBA student, comes from the “CareerLink” blog by UST’s Graduate Business Career Services office.

Are you an avid twitter user and cognizant of using 140 characters or less to make your point? If so, you will excel at Twesume – it is a new trend where one has to condense the resume in to 140 characters or less. Can you imagine using 140 characters or less to talk about your professional life? Even worse, I found it so hard to fit my resume in one page – which is supposedly the standard in U.S. unless you are an executive and every detail is worthy of being on the paper.

As I was reading this article from Mashable, more than the evolution of Twesume, I was interested to see how in the world can one fit their career in 140 characters. One professional that is talked about a lot during the holiday season is Santa Claus and here is his Twesume:

World traveler and toy expert. 300+ years management experience. Looking for position in entertainment industry. #twesume

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