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July 2011

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New Software Can Spot Fake Online Reviews

From the Marketplace Tech Report blog:

Online consumer reviews are everywhere. But how do you know if the review you’re reading is real? Was it written by an unbiased, unpaid consumer? How can you be sure it wasn’t written by the business owner’s cousin or, maybe, her fiercest competitor?

Now researchers at Cornell say they have found an answer. Myle Ott, Jeff Hancock, Claire Cardie, and Yejin Choi teamed up to build software that can spot a fake review automatically 90 percent of the time. Real people fare much, much more poorly. Actual human beings are able to distinguish between a fake and real reviews just 50 percent of the time

The Consumerist provides a link to some more details with a “PDF demonstration of the software’s capabilities.

CNET notes “the Cornell system is similar to software that sniffs out plagiarism. While the plagiarism software learns to spot the type of language a specific author uses, the Cornell software learns to spot the type of language people use when they’re being deceptive in writing a review, said Myle Ott, a Cornell computer science graduate student on the research team.” So how can you distinguish between real and fake reviews? Continue Reading

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Agency Marketing: An Interactive Perspective

Craig Pladson, M.B.A. ’10., Director of Interactive Strategy at Colle+McVoy has a great take on agency marketing initiatives over on his blog.

Agencies are so obsessed with making the most out of the brands they serve, they oftentimes forget about their own. They organize priorities based on client demand and profitability. They’re in continual pursuit to seek out the appropriate balance of delivering work for clients, new business acquisition, agency marketing and experimentation.


As Craig and his team have been working to initiate a new interactive experience, he has led the team from strategy through execution over several months and learned a ton along the way. A few highlights: Continue Reading

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High Performance Health Care: Generating Good Ideas

This entry by Daniel McLaughlin is cross posted from High Performance Health Care.

Health care is reinventing itself as the playing field begins to stabilize. Although there still seems to be occasional political statements about “repeal and replace,” the practical fact is that much of the Affordable Care Act is now being implemented. Even if some aspects of the insurance expansions are changed (e.g. mandate to purchase health insurance), the system reform components appear to be “baked in.”

This new system stability has energized creative health care organizations into stretching their strategic plans and trying to inject a spirit of creativity and innovation into their organizations.  For example, Continue Reading

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BizTube: Niche Marketing

All I Needed to Know about Business I Learned from YouTube

According to estimates from Ad Planner by Google, there are approximately 410 million unique visitors to YouTube each month averaging 28 minutes and 20 seconds per visit. Surely we, as a people, are utilizing YouTube for enlightening, educational purposes and not for mere entertainment. What a mind drain that would be for our society! To that end, I launch my newest blog series, “BizTube, All I Needed to Know about Business I Learned from YouTube.”

There is a company in Southern California called Vurtego. Ever heard of them? Yeah, me neither, but that’s because I’m not a part of the extreme pogo culture. Haven’t heard of that either? Ah, that’s the beauty of niche marketing.

Remember the pogo stick of your childhood? It was probably blue with black plastic pedals and black rubber handlebars. It worked alright if you could stay on it. That is, it worked alright until your large older brother wore out the springs or left it outside on a rainy night. Then it was a squeaky limping toy that was donated in short order.

But what if someone saw that squeaky old toy as a market opportunity? Continue Reading

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Graduate Business Alumni Summer Social on Lake Minnetonka

Picture this …

A mild, calm evening on the shores of beautiful Lake Minnetonka. The sun just setting over the westward tree line, sailboats gliding along with ease and absolute laughter and ruckus erupting from the Queen of Excelsior. What is all this noise, you ask? Well, it’s the Graduate Business Alumni Annual Summer Social.

Although we cannot promise ideal weather, as last year’s event will attest, we can promise a fun-filled evening on Lake Minnetonka with your UST peers. You won’t want to miss the Annual Summer Social. Register soon as space is limited.
Continue Reading

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Moving in to the new House of Talents


On Sunday, July 17 the House of Talents hosted an open house for owner Kate Herzog’s many well wishers to help get her venture off the ground. Among those attending were UST professors, Dean Chris Puto and Assistant Dean Bill Woodson, as well as many of Kate’s classmates.

Many Full-time UST MBA students list owning their own business as a goal when they begin the program. Many more take entrepreneurship classes; after all, they are valuable whether you go to work for a start up, or a Fortune 500 corporation. Of those students, most plan to work a few years before taking the plunge into new venture ownership. Class of 2009 alumna Kate Herzog is one of the very few who opened a business right after earning her degree.

Her company is House of Talents, whose mission is to “alleviate poverty by connecting artisans from developing countries with consumer markets worldwide.” Kate and her House of Talents have just taken a giant step forward Continue Reading

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Make the most of the best networking event in the professional communication community

Aplhabet BashOn August 11, a celebration of sorts returns to Minneapolis.  The Alphabet Bash, brainchild of four bright young communication professionals six years ago, will turn the Epic Center into a temporary Mecca for the movers, shakers and wanna-bes of the Twin Cities message machines.  The evening, while formatted as a loosely scripted mix and mingle, takes a tremendous amount of organization and planning – particularly coordinating the efforts of the eight associations now involved.  The “Bash” always promises and delivers great food, a fun atmosphere, and most assuredly the best networking in the professional communication community calendar.

I’m not just touting the event because the UST MBC program is one of the two primary sponsors.  We are engaged because this event brings together local business communication professionals from multiple disciplines on one night.  It’s imperative that we are there, and should be for anyone interested in building a network of like-minded professionals – for fun and profit!

For those who don’t feel like they know many people, and worry about meeting new folks, here are a couple of tips.   Continue Reading

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Talent, Tenacity and Compassion: Stories from the Diversity Honorees

By Lindsey Buhrmann, a first-year student in the UST Evening MBA program.

As director of emerging markets for the Minnesota Twins, Miguel Ramos has built bridges between the team and minority communities in the Midwest. Photo by Nancy Kuehn | Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

As director of emerging markets for the Minnesota Twins, Miguel Ramos has built bridges between the team and minority communities in the Midwest. Photo by Nancy Kuehn | Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

I recently had the opportunity to spend an evening with top business professionals who were being honored at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal’s Diversity in Business awards ceremony.

As I listened to their stories, two things struck me about these talented and accomplished business leaders: first, they represented top companies in Minnesota that range from Target, Best Buy and Medtronic to CSM Corp, Famous Dave’s and Surly Brewing Co., and second, many of these professionals are committed to giving back to the community.

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal’s Diversity in Business program recognizes exceptional business owners and executives in the ethnic minority, GLBT, disabled and veteran communities.

Many of the honorees were inspiring because they had tackled adversity with tenacity (a mindset that is an asset in the business world) or currently use their talents to help others. For instance, Miguel Ramos Continue Reading

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Ask the Real Estate Expert!

This post is being cross posted from Real Estate Matters, another UST Business blog.

Do you have questions about the Twin Cities commercial real estate market, valuation of commercial property, real estate finance, development, property management, education and careers in real estate, or other industry topics?

Whether you’re a student, novice, or a seasoned industry professional, our expert is here to help!  Send us your real estate questions, no matter how simple or complex, and faculty from the Master of Science in Real Estate Program will respond to your questions weekly on the Real Estate Matters Blog and via Twitter @USTRealEstate.

Visit Real Estate Matters to submit a question.

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Twin Cities named a best city for young professionals

Smooth Sailing in MinneapolisVia MinnPost: Forbes has ranked the top 15 best American cities for young professionals. Minneapolis-St. Paul is ranked No. 10:

Midwestern cities eclipsed many glitzier coastal competitors for top spots on our list. In addition to Des Moines, Madison, Wis., ranks third; billionaire Warren’s Buffett’s hometown of Omaha, Neb., is No. 5; and Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn., is No. 10. All three tout low unemployment rates and a large college-educated demographic. The cost of living in each of these areas is around or below the national average, ensuring their young residents’ relatively high salaries go even farther. Healthy job growth is projected in all of these heartland hubs as well.