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It’s Time to Make a UST Difference

The weekend has arrived!  Tomorrow (Saturday, June 18) from approximately 3 – 10 p.m., UST graduate business programs will Rock the Garden.  But more importantly, we will all be making a difference in the lives of countless individuals.

Many of our students, alumni, and other friends have already contributed to what could potentially be a $15,000 donation to Kiva, Feed My Starving Children, and FirstBook.  If you’ve forgotten the details, take a look at our previous post.  

Rock the Garden
Current Full-time UST MBA student and ticket-winner Nick Ertz stated, “I will make a #USTdifference by continuing to help grow the UST MBA chapter of First Book through fundraising and volunteer efforts.”

Nicole Schminski emailed to report, “I will make a difference by using my experiences from my four month stay in the Dominican Republic to change how the world understands privilege and respect.”

So the question we’re asking each of you is where will you make a difference?  Let us know this Saturday – stop by the UST booth at Rock the Garden and help us change the world!

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