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Four Visions of the Minneapolis Riverfront

Four competing design firms presented their visions in late January for how to improve a large portion of the Mississippi River corridor in Minneapolis north of downtown. The teams were asked to propose how the city can better connect neighborhoods to the river and build on the area’s history, culture, ecology and economic conditions. More details on the process are available from the Star Tribune.

Their visions are available on-line and the winner will be announced tomorrow morning in a press conference at Nicollet Pavilion. This (2-hour) video shows all of the presentations:

From the Minneapolis Riverfront Design Competition website:

Stoss Landscape Urbanism | Boston
A longer-term transformation that reclaims the river as civic space, introduces new landscapes, infrastructure and urban fabrics, and weaves the multiple new and existing systems and experiences back into the city.

Ken Smith | New York
City of the River
The river is a catalyst for renewal through new and enhanced park, infrastructure and ecological systems and a series of bold, iconic design scenarios that reflect the area’s history and spirit of place.

TLS/KVA | Berkeley
A set of inter-related design initiatives-focused on health, mobility and green economy-that function at multiple scales and are enhanced by community outreach strategies to raise public awareness about consumer choice impacts on the River system.

Turenscape | Beijing
The Resilient River
A fifty-year framework for investment that focuses on: ecological renewal, social equity, new economies and a new identity for the city of the river, and includes a strategic approach to ecological infrastructure, re-orienting urbanism and phasing over time.

Which idea do you like best? Leave your comments here or head over to the competition website to dig deeper into each vision and share your thoughts.

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