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2020 Vision Project Update: Events Process

eventssignDuring a recent Faculty/Staff meeting we learned that over one hundred OCB sponsored events are conducted each year. In response to this information, a new 2020 Vision group was formed to assess the costs associated with running program events on campus. Our focus is to develop a better understanding of how events are currently planned and conducted in the college. With this information our group will be able to evaluate the expenses associated with ordering food and tech support, as well as the costs of having staff plan and coordinate these events. Our group identified ten events from a wide range of centers and programs, and grouped them into categories based on the number of projected attendees. After we have retrieved all of the data, our group will determine the costs to plan, coordinate and staff events in each category.  

Interviews have been conducted with key stakeholders, and we have worked with them to outline specific event processes. Our next steps include working with Shared Services to determine the amount of time they spend on each event. This will give us a more holistic picture of the events process. Ultimately, this project will give OCB’s leadership team further insight into the resources spent on each event, as well as helping program and center staff in future planning.

Studio portrait of Corey Getchell

Events Process Team Leader Corey Getchell

Events Process Team:

Jessica Kluntz, Brittney Wolf, Amy Klein, and Shannon Vanderheyden

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April Ad Launch for Evening MBA

msp campus smallIn April 2014, the college will launch a new marketing campaigned designed to reinvigorate the Evening UST MBA brand. With support from the Board of Governors and with funding provided by a generous grant, Dean Puto has engaged CarmichaelLynchSpong – the 2013 creative agency of the year – to raise awareness of the unique attributes of our part-time MBA program. This new campaign builds upon the college’s extensive research on the Twin Cities MBA marketplace and has been designed to differentiate ourselves from the competition. OCB faculty and staff can expect to be introduced to the campaign in its entirety in early April with a series of tools, tips and techniques we can all use to integrate the campaign into our daily routines, whether that involves teaching, recruiting or simply interacting with an external audience.

At the same time, the college is also well on its way to finalizing all the elements of a lead nurturing initiative for the Evening UST MBA program. This initiative has been designed to convert more of our web visitors, event participants and general inquiries into “sales ready” recruits. The lead nurturing project will “close the gap” we have seen between marketing success (i.e. marketing and advertising driving traffic to our websites) and enrollment growth. It capitalizes on the skills of our recruiters by providing a more systematic approach to nurturing potential recruits from their first visit, whether that visit involves a web page, event attendance, or phone call/email.


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To Print or Not To Print: 2020 Printer & Copier Project

I was a member of the original 2020 Vision Task Force created in March 2010 to look at the future of Opus College of Business. Our mission was to identify assets and find ways to better utilize and strengthen them. Here is a quote from those meeting minutes, “Therefore the purpose of the 2020 Vision Task Force was to research and make recommendations for OCB to make us more efficient in our use of resources.”

One of the first projects identified as clear and fixable was the OCB use of printers and copiers.  The goals of this project were first to identify all MFDs (multifunction devices) and printers in use by OCB and second to reduce total printing costs.  Working with IRT, a group of staff visited each department and mapped out the location of all printers and copiers. MARCO representatives did an assessment of all UST owned or leased equipment to make sure that we had the right machines in the right locations to meet the needs of all faculty and staff.  Recommendations were made for changes and the remainder of the MFD changes will be made in summer 2014 when leases come up for renewal. OCB will no longer purchase printer cartridges for individually owned printers. 

We  then looked at individual printer usage.  In fall 2012, a copy request form was created in our Intranet site (SharePoint) and faculty were encouraged to use that form to send copy requests to their department coordinators. The coordinators determined the appropriate copy method.  OCB usage numbers were posted near all copiers and printers and everyone was encouraged to reduce costs by choosing not to print or by printing everything two-sided.  All printers and MFDs are to be set with duplex printing as the default.  If your printer/MFD doesn’t default to duplex when printing, please let us know.

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