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2020 Team members, Continuous Improvement

Meet the 2020 Task Force

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   Sponsor & Champion
   John McCall Associate Dean & CFO
   Faculty Sponsor, Champion, & Coach
   John Olson Operations and Supply Chain Management
   Deployment Champion
   Amy Klein Associate Dean & CFO’s Office
   Subject Matter Expert & Team Resource
   Bob Gaffney Faculty & Scholarly Development
                                                             2012/13 Members 
   Debbie Battis OCB Grad Records & Data Management
   Sandy Beach OCB Faculty Support
   Lisa Burke OCB Technology and Web
   Jess Durrant OCB Technology and Web
   Jean Gabler Undergraduate-Administration
   Corey Getchell OCB Faculty Support
   DeAnn Kautzmann OCB Grad Records & Data Management
   Marie Klein Associate Dean & CFO’s Office
   Sarah Knutson Associate Dean & CFO’s Office
   Suzanne Krzmarzick OCB Faculty Support
   Shoua Lee Associate Dean & CFO’s Office
   Betsy Lofgren Undergraduate-Administration
   Cindy Lorah Health Care UST MBA Program
   Maureen Murphy OCB Faculty Support
   Renee Nelson OCB Faculty Support
   Jim O’Connor OCB Technology and Web
   Pam Phairas OCB Grad Records & Data Management
   Kathy Sauro OCB Schulze School of Entrepreneurship
   Joyce Wilking OCB Faculty Support
   Brittney Wolf OCB Faculty Support