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2020 Project Ideas

There’s always room for improvement. Do you have an idea for a 2020 Vision Project?  If so, here is how you can submit your project ideas. 

We ask that you complete the nomination form found on Sharepoint by clicking this link: Continuous Improvement Project Nomination Form. It can be found under OCB Favorite Links on the Opus College of Business Intranet (Sharepoint site). The nomination form will be reviewed and then passed on to John McCall and John Olson for approval.  Once approved, the nominator will be notified.  At that point, I will put together a team and nominate a team leader.  Teams and leaders will be chosen with the assistance of the project nominator, John McCall, and other department supervisors who might be impacted.  Once a team is formed, we will hold a kick off meeting and the project will begin. 

 Depending on resource availability, not all approved projects will begin right away.  Approved projects will be waitlisted and prioritized.  Prioritization of projects will depend on complexity, sustainability, and relationship to strategic goals. Don’t worry; nominating a project does not mean that you will be asked to lead the project team. If you have questions or concerns with the nomination process; feel free to contact me directly; 651-962-4611. Below is the Project Nomination Process.