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December 2012


FA-LA-LA-LA-Law School

The St. Thomas More Chapel Choir is made up of 35 students, faculty, staff and alumni who are interested in enhancing worship and other events at the law school through the use of music. If you are a singer who enjoys hard work in a congenial atmosphere, we invite you to check us out.

This performance was recorded last week at the Holiday party for students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Begun in 2003, the choir has evolved into an integral part of the worship experience at St. Thomas, as well as providing entertainment for Christmas parties and special events within the law school and the greater St. Thomas community.

The choir participates in Mass at least once a month and also provides music for the fall welcome service, Christmas celebration and graduation Baccalaureate Mass.

Rehearsals are on Mondays from 12:00-1:00 pm in the Moot Courtroom located on the first floor of the law school. For more information, contact choir director Bruce Grosland at or LuAnn Hudson at or 651-962-4880.


Smiles found at the School of Law

At the University of St. Thomas School of Law we have students who come from all walks of life.  Many are coming to Law School straight from undergrad, but many have delayed their entry to law school to work, volunteer or even start a family.  We also have students where attending law school will launch their second career.   Each student brings their own unique perspective and life experiences.

Baby 1L

Amongst the hustle and bustle of running to class and studying for exams, you may find a stroller.  If you take a peek inside the stroller, you will find the cute, bubbly and smiling face of Baby 1L.  You can’t help but smile back.  Baby 1L’s mother is a current first year student and dad works full time.  Finding time to spend together is a challenge, so part of family time is spent here on campus.  It is not unusual to find Baby 1L and his parents attending Mass or listening to one of the various speakers over the lunch hour.

Finding a balance between law school and family is definitely a challenge for any student.  However, having a community where families are embraced makes the transition just a bit easier.  Plus, there is never a shortage of ready & willing babysitters.


YWCA Adopt-a-Family 2012

This year marks the tenth year of UST School of Law’s participation in the YWCA Adopt-a-Family project. Over 60 students, staff, faculty, adjuncts and alums contributed gifts for working moms and their kids to help them have a Merry Christmas. As you can see, that added up to a huge pile of presents! Thanks to everyone who participated.