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May 2012

Student Perspective, Study Abroad

A student’s thoughts on Dean Mengler

Adrienne G., rising 3L

Last year, I was always glad that I was in A section, except for the single fact that B section got Mengler for Civ Pro. Not that I didn’t love Professor Sisk… (who doesn’t?) but the B-sectioners always had good stories from Dean Mengler’s class, and they seemed to genuinely enjoy having the Dean for a professor. This past summer, I decided to take part in the Rome program offered by UST and Villanova. I would have gone anyway (summer of unpaid legal research v. Italy? No-brainer) but I was really excited when I found out that Dean Mengler was going, too. So excited, in fact, and so determined to take a class with him that I immediately signed up for Complex Litigation in the United States and Abroad. I took it despite the fact that Continue Reading


A German Experience for an Alum

Phil Johnson, Guest Blogger, UST Class of 2011

Phil in front of the Cologne Cathedral

Phil in front of the Cologne Cathedral

I had the opportunity to serve at a law firm in Cologne, Germany from January – April, 2012. It was an amazing experience for me to meet with international clients, attend German court proceedings and work with other attorneys.

The firm for whom I worked has approximately 120 attorneys at their office in Cologne. As a full service German firm, they had a full complement of practices, although given their location in the “media capital” of Germany, they specialized in IP, the area where I spent most of my time, and the senior partner to whom I reported. At the same time, I provided support in the areas of corporate law/M&A, employment law, and even a bit of German criminal law! I also had the “privilege,” along with the 20 first year associates, to slice potatoes and onions in preparation for the firm’s annual Potato Pancake Feast, a celebration that attracted the whole firm, and included dancing and feasting.

This was an ideal opportunity to develop a greater understanding and appreciation for cross-cultural litigation, working with clients from Thailand, UK, Canada, US, and across Europe. I believe it beneficial for every American law student to have such an experience and develop greater cross-cultural awareness of the international legal community.

Diversity, Student Activities

AALS Clinical Legal Education Association’s Outstanding Student Award

Tisidra Jones

The faculty and staff of the Interprofessional Center for Counseling and Legal Services are pleased to recognize Ms. Tisidra Jones as the 2012 AALS Clinical Legal Education Association’s Outstanding Student Award for the University of St. Thomas. This award recognizes a clinical law student who demonstrates academic excellence, service to the community and leadership.  One student per law school is chosen for this award.

Ms. Jones has worked diligently to support the work of Brotherhood, Inc. (reintegration program) and empower Brotherhood participants.  She has drawn upon her gifts and talents as an artist, educator, community advocate, and future attorney. Her work focused primarily on developing an arts-based cultural development curriculum and creating tools to share the stories of the participants through the creative arts as a medium. This curriculum has aided Brotherhood participants in using their creative arts to share their stories. Participants authored poetry and wrote about their personal experiences. The culmination of their work was presented at the production of “The Forgotten: A Look at the Lives of Young Black Men” a play that looks at the lives of four young black men as they face trials and tribulations within their communities. This production was directed and produced by Ms. Jones.

Please join the IPC in recognizing Ms. Jones for serving as a change agent.  The fruits of her labor will continue to bear fruit for years to come as community members become informed and engaged about the plight of African American males who are seeking to transform their lives and their communities.

Student Activities, Student Perspective

Free Speech Variety Show

Adrienne G., rising 3L

Just in case you thought law students were boring… well, we’re not! In the past, the St. Thomas student body has showcased its talents to the public at large at the end of the spring semester. “Talent,” of course, is a relative term, especially for people who spend 90% of their time in self-imposed imprisonment in a law library. Luckily for us, Tommies are amazing even by normal standards… or at least entertaining. This year, to accommodate the wide variety of our (occasionally unorthodox) talents, we hosted the First Annual Free Speech Variety Show at Whiskey Junction. Continue Reading