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February 2012

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BLSA Movie Night: “Rosewood”

Adrienne G., (2L)

I used to be an avid reader before law school. Now, I’ve noticed that I’m more of a reluctant reader, probably because most of the material I encounter on a daily basis is so… uninspiring. Maybe unimaginative is a better word. Anyway, I’m trying to remedy this through my New Year’s Resolution this year, a commitment to getting some good fiction into my system. However, my predominant default “relax mode” has been to plop down in front of the television and mindlessly absorb whatever happens to be on. Luckily, though, last week I had a welcome reprieve from my nightly couch-binge: I had the privilege of joining the members of the Black Law Student Association (BLSA) for an exclusive law school screening of the 1997 film Rosewood.

The movie chronicles a historical event in 1923 when a group of Southerners attacked and burned a black town in Florida over the beating of a local white woman (by a white man, of course, but that’s not the way she told it.) The event was a significant one in our country’s turbulent racial past, and parts of it were quite difficult to watch.

Despite the heavy subject matter, (or perhaps because of it) I really enjoyed watching; I like watching movies of a deeper nature in the company of other people. The opportunity for discussion and interaction is vital to my digestion of a film like this: it was a study of human nature as well as a matter of historical record, and I’m grateful to BLSA for hosting the event and letting me be a part of it!

Also, I must apologize to BLSA President Elliot Robinson and the other attendees; I had intended to get a picture of the group following the film but I forgot. Next time! Host another movie night, yes?

Student Activities, Student Perspective

Law Prom Season

Adrienne G, (2L)

Yep, it’s that time of year again: Prom Season!

Mid-February UST Law hosted its festivities at the Radisson downtown, including ballroom space, DJ, tickets for (limited) complimentary kegs and mixers, and mini turkey pot pies served by obliging caterers. It was all delicious.

I mean, it was basically a big party, which is the intent of prom anyway, right? Everyone gets to forget about school for a little bit, get all dolled up, grab a date, head downtown and dance the night away. Continue Reading

Student Activities, Student Perspective

Christian Worship Opportunities at UST Law

Kelli R., Guest Blogger & Current UST Law student (3L)

I have had a wonderful experience here at St. Thomas, especially with opportunities to deepen my faith and stay connected with God’s calling. I’m delighted to share with you!

I’m a 3rd year (3L) here at St. Thomas, so I’m almost done with law school, which seems crazy! I was excited coming here after learning about the daily Reflection Period, from 12:00-12:30, where time is set aside for worship, prayer, meditation, even yoga. There are no student group meetings and no professors or staff hold office hours; it is a time set completely aside. Daily Mass is offered in the chapel, and there are also several other opportunities to use that time for centering yourself.

When I first started at St. Thomas, I attended a gathering called Weekly Manna during orientation week, and have stuck with it ever since. The group gathers each Wednesday during the law school’s designated Reflection Period. I always compare it to an adult forum or adult Sunday school. We have lunch, then usually open with a reading, feature a speaker reflection (often a member of the faculty), and close with communal prayer. It’s a great chance to connect with other Christians and get free lunch!

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Student Perspective

The Mentor Externship Program = Opportunities

Brittany P., Guest Blogger & Current UST Law student (2L)

A shining star in my law school experience at UST has­­—without question—been the Mentor Externship Program. As a 1L, I was able to experience several mediations, arbitrations, and hearings with my mentor who is a Personal Injury litigator for a large insurance company. As a 2L, I had my “desired field” narrowed down enough to request a mentor who practices Employment Law–a field in which I, myself, hope to practice in one day. Accordingly, I was paired with a recent graduate of UST Law (practicing Employment Law in Minneapolis) who has gone out of her way to create unique extern experiences to supplement my in-class learning. Most notably, my mentor and I co-authored a (now published!) blog post in which I was given free-reign to research and write about an Employment Law topic of my choosing. After it was written, my Mentor edited and submitted it to her firm’s public blog site.

Writing the blog gave me the opportunity to receive feedback from accomplished legal professionals on my research and writing skills, as well as my ability to synthesize information into a form that those without a legal background could understand. UST’s Mentor Program has given me the opportunity to continue my education beyond the classroom—and only in law school is that something to get excited about!