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November 2011

Student Perspective

Flurry of fall activities before Finals Frenzy

Adrienne G. (2L)

After Fall Break is the time of year that everything gets busy. Events, big assignments, student group meetings and sponsored parties all have to be scheduled or due before that most dreaded of times, Finals Frenzy, which hits basically immediately after Thanksgiving. Without touching on the humor or the horror that is a bunch of overstuffed, tryptophan-numbed students packed into the law library bemoaning both their outlines and their stomachs… 

Suffice it to say that everyone refuses to think of anything except how horribly the curve is going to work over their grades come December, so naturally anything important takes place now, in this happily crazy month between roughly October 15 and November 28. That being said, this huge conglomerate post is my attempt to catch up a bit on the numerous things that have been happening, all in one go. Or maybe two or three, we’ll see how it pans out. Technically, I should be writing a memo on the differences between Lawyer-Client and Priest-Penitent confidentiality for Professional Responsibility, but… 

I really like the lunch hour here at school, not entirely because it’s a really good time to get free lunch. Student groups use this time to host speakers and meetings, and attempt to draw students in by offering handouts, usually in the form of pizza. Continue Reading

Student Activities, Student Perspective

Student v. Student Football

Adrienne G. (2L)

October 23rd brought one of UST’s most vicious annual competitions. No, not Moot Court, Law Review or OCI. This was the University of St. Thomas School of Law’s Annual Inter-Class Football Game, though I personally believe both “Student v. Student Football” and “Class Warfare” might serve as acceptable alternative titles.

This time-honored tradition organized by SGA and the Social Committee (two wonderful groups of people) pits A section against B section (1Ls) against 2Ls against 3Ls, gives them the opportunity to brawl out their pent-up frustrations on the field all day, and then drink beers together and make friends again. It’s fun to play, fun to watch and comes with a cool t-shirt. Continue Reading