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August 2010


Orientation Week

As the Director of Admissions, one of the best moments of the year is when the first year law students arrive for the first day of orientation in August.  Last Monday, August 23rd, after our 169 first year law students took their seats in the atrium on the first day of their journey into the legal profession, there was so much energy and excitement.  I welcomed the students and presented the class by trying to summarize some of the amazing qualities and accomplishments that the students have brought Continue Reading

Student Perspective

Only 3 days of summer left…

I honestly cannot believe how fast summer has gone by!  I went to St. Thomas and purchased the rest of my textbooks.  I also picked up a study aide for the MPRE test that I will be taking in November.  I just can’t believe school time is already here.

I worked for the first time today since returning to the U.S..  It was nice to be back at work for some extra money, but it sure was difficult setting an alarm again.  Continue Reading

Student Perspective

Summer Experiences

Students are returning from the summer and the law school building is once again full of activity!  Last Friday we held the 2010 Minnesota Minority Recruitment Conference and Job Fair in the building, and last night our Career and Development Office hosted a reception for our first On Campus Interview (OCI) event of the year.  Admissons is busy finalizing Continue Reading

Student Perspective, Study Abroad

Dear Roma, I miss you!

Wow! My first week back in Minnesota and what a crazy week it has been.  I have been blessed with so many friends and family who are excited for me to be back in the states.  Even more, it seems that everyone I have ever known suddenly wants to meet and “catch up.”  The welcome home attention has been great, but I can’t help think about how much I miss Roma and my classmates who were on the trip with me.  I can say that I even miss having class, because after all, I was in Roma.  Continue Reading

Student Perspective, Study Abroad

Back in Minnesota!

I am now back home in good ole Minnesota!  No more Roma nights with the Vatican and the Trevi fountain in the distance.  What a bittersweet return! I left the Rome airport today at 7:20 a.m. their time, so 12:20 p.m. Minnesota time.  My flight had an one hour layover in Paris.  After leaving the Paris airport, I had a ten hour flight to sit through, but eventually I made it to Minneapolis at 1 pm (Minnesota time).  The flights were all on time, and the travel home went smoothly!

I will never forget the friends and memories I have made in Rome.  The decision to be a part of the Study Abroad Program in Rome has been, by far, Continue Reading

Student Perspective

Why we have such a great quality of life…

Last night, I realized why we have such a great quality of life.  This will probably be appreciated by the late 90’s nerds out there!  🙂 

A few friends and I were having dinner at one of our apartments, and as usual, we’re talking about law school.  In the background, someone’s (wink, wink) iPod was playing music at random.  Suddenly, the theme song for the original Pokemon series came on.  You know… the one that starts with “I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was!”  (Don’t be ashamed, you know you know it!)  Continue Reading

Student Perspective

What a difference a year makes!

Recently I was reflecting on how different my life is now than it was a year ago.  Last year at this time, I was about to start my 1L year at St. Thomas School of Law.  As excited as I was to begin my journey, I was also very nervous!  The law school setting seemed pretty intimidating and I hoped I would be able to keep up with the coursework.  Now, one year later, I can’t imagine my life without the law school!  Continue Reading

Student Perspective, Study Abroad

Rome Study Abroad, Week 6

Finals week is now upon me here in Rome!  The time here has gone by fast, but I have created friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.  The decision I made to be part of this program and study here in Rome has proven to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.   I will never regret this experience. 

Studying has proven to be harder than expected for these finals, not in terms of the material, but in finding the energy to study when I want to spend my last days in Rome exploring the city and shopping for souvenirs!  School comes first though, so don’t worry, Continue Reading