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July 2010

Student Perspective, Study Abroad

Rome Study Abroad, Week 5

Summer is flying by here in Rome!  This week we have our program closing dinner, with all the students and faculty studying abroad here.  It will be a good time for everyone to be together one last time before everyone leaves for home.  Next week is finals week for everyone!  We have one reading day before each final (2 classes, 2 finals).  It will be a stressful week, but by no means any more stressful than finals time at St. Thomas.  Finals are stressful for me because I expect so much out of myself that the pressure can drive me bonkers.  Continue Reading

Student Perspective, Study Abroad

Rome Study Abroad, Week 4

Wow!  I am now over half-way done with my summer semester classes in Rome, Italy.  The time really has flown by!  This past weekend was a four-day weekend.  I took advantage of the time off, and went to Venice and Verona.  I especially loved Venice, it was a beautiful and enchanting city!  Verona was also a very nice city.  I had a great weekend!

I have both my International Family Law and my Genocide/Refugee classes every day of the week, for two hours each.  Having class has actually been beneficial for me, since it keeps me distracted from missing home too much.  I have also come to really enjoy class with Continue Reading

Student Perspective

O Law School, Where Art Thou?

After a year of law school, summer courses, and a summer clerkship with the Public Defender, I am finally back home in California taking this thing called vacation!  I’ve been back three days, and every day, I think of the place called ‘Law School.’  I went to a wedding, and since I knew I’d run into old friends, I expected to talk about law school.  What I did not expect was to meet a lawyer and another law student!

As you can expect, we talked about the law for a solid hour.  I think I realized we were talking about law school too much when I realized we were the only three at our unassigned table. Oops!  It was interesting comparing the law school experience with these two strangers.  Each of them talked so resentfully about their respective universities, while I of course Continue Reading

Student Perspective

Much Needed Study Breaks Before Summer Finals

This summer I decided to take the plunge into two summer classes along with around sixty of my classmates. The two classes are Criminal Procedure with Professor Scott Swanson and Wills, Trusts, and Estates with Matthew Shea and Marya Robben. Both of the classes are incredible; the three hour lectures actually seem to go much faster than some of my first semester classes! While summer class does bring with it a much larger reading load it has its advantages in that Continue Reading