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April 2009


MBC Director’s Memo – 4.09

The current economic turmoil both overshadows and accelerates the impending failure of some print news organizations, a situation which has been hovering on the horizon for some time. Local print journalism has long been held as a core tenant of our cultural freedom, and many see the possibility of its doom as representing a broad social loss that cannot be calculated in dollars alone.
As a response to the bankruptcy of newspapers across the country, and specifically the trials of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Bruce Benidt invited me, and you, to participate in a grand networking experiment to save local journalism.
I can only speak for myself, but the “Strib” tends to be a 5 hit Web stop for me every day for news. If we lose the strength of this team of journalists in our community, on whom will we rely to conduct investigative journalism? Who will cover stories that don’t have the shock value or other visual “sexy” angle to make prime time television? Who will dig deep into those issues and provide substantive coverage?
Read what Bruce suggests, convene your own dream team, and take a stab at a solution. It’s in all our best interests – regardless of what you read in the morning or your area of professional expertise.