20th Century Composer Genealogy

Emily and Lindsey – 20th Century Opera

For our podcast with our senior partner Joan, we chose to delve into the different styles present in the world of 20th century opera. To do so, we used songs from Berg’s Wozzeck, Shostakovich’s Lady MacBeth of Mtsensk District, and Gershwin’s Porgy & Bess.

[podcast format=”video”]http://ust-mac2.stthomas.edu:8171/podcastproducer/attachments/08A61878-8BBA-491E-A6FB-8AA5F9C7B5CD/208A9FD0-CB0A-4CD1-BA83-23D3BB65103B.m4a[/podcast]

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Berg, Alban. Wozzeck. 1981. CD.
Gershwin, George. Porgy & Bess. EMI, 1989. CD.
Shostakovich, Dimitri. Lady MacBeth of Mtsensk District. Rec. Apr. 1978. EMI, 1990. CD.

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