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December 2013


SDIS Offers Student Leadership Positions- Apply Today!

Employers love hearing that you took a leadership position while in school. Whether you were club president or head of the social committee, showing you are willing to step up to the plate and be a leader shows employers you can handle responsibility and manage people.
Student leadership positions are a great way to build people skills and gain leadership experience before you get out in the working world. A Communications & Journalism major, for example, can get a feel for the publishing world by writing or editing news releases as a SDIS Program Intern or creating marketing materials as our Social Media Coordinator Intern. A student majoring in Political Science can benefit from being involved in the planning of our educational events and/or serving as a Linkages Peer Mentor Program Interns.
Besides gaining valuable skills such as communication, teamwork , and organizational, Student Leadership positions are a great way to gain experience and enhance your resume.
The SDIS office has several Leadership Positions open and we encourage you to learn more about them and contact our office for more information.

REAL Program Adviser,student leadership
Linkages Peer Mentor
Program Intern,
Social Media Coordinator Intern

For a list of ALL other Student Leadership Positions please take a look at this chart

For more information on the application process visit this page.

Your college leadership experience will prepare you for what’s next—and now it’s time to learn how to use it. Remember Campus leadership experience can do a lot to show prospective employer what you’re made of!


What is “Culture Stew”?

On November 20th, we had our first ever “Culture Stew”. “Culture Stew” is an open dialogue for students to experience and share what they see. There were about 20 people who attended the informative event. It was a success through seeing people of different backgrounds share and experience real world situations. The main topic of our first meeting was “Race and Space”. It was led by Dr. Lawrence from the English and American Culture & Difference departments.

He walked us through different illustrated areas in our own backyard and told us to identify colors that would be associated with it. Most students were quick to comment on the color, as a majority of them said the same color(s). As I was looking around the room, many of the students did not want to openly declare what color they associated loudly. It was very quiet and dispersed throughout the room. But as the discussions and explanations were being told, more and more people were participating in the activity.

I knew a lot of people were learning and experiencing other’s views. Many of them had a puzzled face, which meant that they were learning something knew. They just needed to better understand, in which Dr. Lawrence did a great job in explaining the situation.

Overall, the first “Culture Stew” went very well, as many students were satisfied with SDIS putting on an event that helped bring others into their viewpoints. We hope to continue this program throughout second semester, so be on the lookout for another “Culture Stew”. You ABSOLUTELY DO NOT want to miss out on the next one. Keep subscribed to our blogs and Facebook page to keep up on our future events.

Culture Stew Crew

The “Culture Stew” Crew!