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Celebrating National Native American Heritage Month 2013

Dream-Catcher-native-americans-34175252-296-337November is a month set aside to explore and acknowledge the experiences and contributions of Native Americans to our nation. It is a commemorative month formed to provide a platform for the indigenous peoples of America to share their history, culture, traditions, music, crafts, dance, and concepts of life. The month dually seeks to recognize Native American contributions and to ensure cross-cultural, educational dialogue between the “First Americans” and the descendants of the myriad of peoples who arrived on the shores of the New World.
SDIS will celebrate on Monday November 10th by bringing to campus Frank Bibeu, a Native American tribal attorney who will be speaking about the Ojibwe and Dakota people in what is now Minnesota and the many signed treaties with the United States. Among these treaties are famous land cession agreements with sovereign American Indian groups. The lecture will explore the Native nations in Minnesota and their history of treaty making with the United States. Information on the event can be found in our web page.
Additional ways to observe and learn more about the richness of the Native American people can be found in the following links:
Here is a  great and useful page that contains links to obtain information on Native American heritage, history and cultural traditions nationally and in Minnesota.


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