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Virtual Author Reading – Hear Tim Lewis, PhD talk about his book – Biology of Dogs – May 4 at Noon

You are cordially invited to spend a delightful, virtual visit with Tim Lewis PhD on Tuesday, May 4, 2021 from Noon to 1pm!  In addition to being University of St. Thomas Associate Vice President for Global Learning and Strategy and Biology Professor, Dr. Lewis has written a witty, informational, scientific, and loving book all about dogs.

Associate Vice Provost, Director of Libraries and author reading host Dan Gjelten has this to say about Tim’s work:

“His book, Biology of Dogs is written for laypeople and is in Tim’s voice, full of both expertise and humor (hinted at by the book’s subtitle: “From Gonads Through Guts to Ganglia” – you may not have heard the word “gonads” since you were a thirteen year old.)  Tim’s presentations are always engaging, making him a popular speaker, and will leave attendees thinking more like a scientist and understanding their pets a bit better.  Also, Tim actually loves dogs, and probably turtles, too.”

Here’s the Zoom Link – We hope you will join the conversation!

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Celebrate National Library Week at St. Thomas – April 6-9, 2021

You’re invited to celebrate with us!  It’s National Library Week and we hope you’ll enjoy the activities and featured services – the ever-popular Online Trivia Contest; Online Bingo, Coloring Pages, and Jigsaw Puzzles; Music and Media offerings; learn about our new Peer Research Assistants; and a special noon hour session with CAPS doctoral interns on Wednesday, April 7 on the Power of SleepREGISTER HERE to receive the Zoom link.

Look for our purple library tent during the week (Tuesday, April 6 through Friday, April 9) and stop by to pick up a goodie bag and ask anything you’d like!  We’re here to help and want you to have a great end-of-semester — and a fun Library Week!

For more information about the April 7 Power of Sleep conversation with the interns, please read here!

About National Library Week: 

The American Library Association in conjunction with the National Book Committee sponsored the first National Library Week in 1958 as a response to a 1957 survey that found that only 17% of Americans were currently reading a book. National Library Week continues as an annual event that promotes libraries of all types across the United States.

Libraries continue to grow beyond their original perception as repositories of books and computer banks to their current position as recognized community and cultural centers that promote learning and social connection.  Libraries are often seen as the heart of their community, whether it’s a small town, a city, or a university campus.

During the pandemic, library workers adapted resources and services to meet their users’ needs during these challenging times. Whether people visit in person or virtually, libraries offer endless opportunities to transform lives through education and lifelong learning.




















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Students, Staff, and Faculty are all warmly invited to hear about the Power of Sleep!


We hope you all have a fun and safe upcoming Spring Break!  But upon your return, you may discover that you feel more pressure than ever to get your projects and assignments completed – finals and other end-of-semester due dates are not far away!  You may be tempted to try to go without sleep to get everything done.

Please plan to join us on Wednesday, April 7 from Noon to 1pm and hear many reasons why that is not a good idea and how sleep is an essential strategy for your success.   This timely session on the Power of Sleep presented by doctoral interns from CAPS – Max Mikesell, Max Crowder, and Phil Imholte – is intended to give you the encouragement and boost you need to finish strong this semester!

As explained by Max: “Sleep is an essential function that allows your body and mind to recharge, leaving you refreshed and alert when you wake up. Although getting a good night’s sleep is essential, it isn’t always easy – academic and work schedules, day-to-day stressors, a disruptive bedroom environment, and medical conditions can all prevent us from getting enough sleep.”

We know you want to have success in your work and we are here to help.  Please join the doctoral interns for a conversation on the power of sleep as well as tips and tricks to help you sleep better!

REGISTER HERE for the Zoom link.  The first 25 people to sign up will receive treat baggies, and all who attend will be entered for a chance to win the door prize!

We look forward to seeing you on April 7 at noon!

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Library Invites you to a Winter Boost Zoom – Feb 24

Throughout the centuries, writers and poets have described a phenomenon often referred to as the “winter blues.”  People develop feelings of sadness, loss, and lethargy in the shorter, darker days of winter. They notice more tiredness, weight gain, and lack of interest in activities and social events.

However, some people experience a more exaggerated form of these symptoms. This condition is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

The St. Thomas Libraries invite students, faculty, and staff to a cozy noon-hour virtual discussion, Wednesday, February 24, 2021.  You’ll meet and hear our panelists: Max Crowder, Phil Imholte, and Matthew Mikesell – doctoral interns from Counseling and Psychological Services.

They’ll lead a discussion on Seasonal Affective Disorder, answer your questions, and offer some proven tips and strategies to help us all get a much needed Boost this Winter.

Be sure to REGISTER HERE.  Bring any questions you may have as well as any tips that have worked for you!

P.S.  You could win a door prize — and goodie bags for all!

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Jump Start your Success for Finals – Come to May 11, Virtual Study Night!

Hello Tommies!

Our traditional Study Night in the Library has gone online!   It’s a great night to tackle the work you may have been putting off or having trouble with.    And even if you are on top of everything – this night is for you!

Athough we are spending our days apart, Study Night allows you to with others virtually on Monday, May 11 between 7 and 9pm.   You’ll have the option to pop in and out of several break-out rooms including:  main study rooms (both quiet and more talkative); math and writing tutors; research librarians;  time planning & motivational coaching.  We’ll have a game room and a meditation/wellness/relaxation room for quick breaks throughout the evening.  And of course, there will be prizes!

Here’s a little about how it will work:

To join Study Night, be sure to RSVP now, and then on Monday, May 11, follow the Zoom Link to Study Night between 7 and 9 pm on Monday, May 11.  When you enter the main room, you’ll be able to tell the host which rooms you’d like to visit!  You can leave a room at any time, come back to the main room to be sent to a different room.  Stay as little or as long as you wish, just be sure to collect the prize codes!

About those prizes:   Collect a special code from each room that you visit.  At the end of the night, tell us the codes you’ve collected and you’ll be entered in the drawing for prizes.  The more rooms you visit, the more chances you’ll have to win!

We look forward to seeing you Monday night, May 11!

Find more event details and RSVP in TommieLink!

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You are invited to the library’s online Poetry Reading!

You are cordially invited to the library’s April Poetry Reading – and you may enjoy this event from the comfort of your own place!  Wherever you may be, we send you our wishes that things are going well for you with this selection of favorite poems shared by members of the St. Thomas community.

For 20 years the library hosted Poetry on the Patio during April – Poetry Month – outside on the library patio in late April.  Only a few times did we need to move it inside the library due to cold or rainy weather.

Now, during this time of social distancing, several members of the St. Thomas Community have recorded themselves reading their favorite poems for “Poetry On Your Patio.”   Thank you very much for tuning in – the link to the event here!

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Library invites poetry readers!

Hello St. Thomas Community!

The Library invites you to record yourself reading one of your favorite poems – then send it to us, and we’ll share it online in celebration of April Poetry Month!

You may be familiar with our library’s past Poetry on the Patio events – held each spring over a span of 20 years, with the final event in April, 2018.  When you have a chance, take a look and you can see each of those year’s reading program and accompanying video

We’d love to hear your readings, but online this time!

If you would be willing to participate please rsvp to jakimlinger@stthomas.edu soon – she will get back to you with details on what to include in your video.  You may use YouTube or Panopto to make your recording.  We’re hoping to receive your readings no later than Thursday, April 23 so please get in touch with Julie asap!

Thank you so much for considering doing this!

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National Library Week – April 19-26, 2020

It’s time to Celebrate National Library Week!   You’re invited to have some fun each day from your place.  You’ll find the ever-popular annual Online Trivia Contest to play each day; Jigsaw Puzzles to solve online; Historic and Artistic pages to color;  a Bingo card to complete while learning about the many services offered online by the library!

Check out the latest from our Music and Media Resources Collection and how we can help you make it through these days at home – and more!

We invite you to visit the Library Week webpage often and enjoy Library Week!

News & Events

Study Night in the Library is Monday, December 2!

We hope you have a great Thanksgiving Break!   Upon your return to campus, you are all invited to Study Night in the Library where you will find a variety of resources to help you in your work.

Beginning at 7pm on Monday, December 2 in the Great Hall of the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library (second floor) you will have the opportunity to meet with staff from Academic Counseling, tutors from the Math Resource Center (MaRC), Writing Center consultants.   Of course the librarians are here to help with your research and citation questions, our Encouragement and Studies Planning Coach will be available throughout the evening, as well as healthy snacks — and don’t forget to sign up for the ever-popular five-minute chair massages!

It is an evening of support for you – we are here to help you succeed in whatever it is you decide to work on tonight and help you plan your study schedule through the end of finals week!

Be sure to REGISTER now – it helps us plan so we have enough study kits and refreshments on hand!   Join other students who wish to finish strong!!

7pm – 10pm   Monday   December 2, 2019   O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library, Great Hall