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Therapy Pets in the Library – Thursday, Dec 13, 6-8pm

All are invited to this very popular night in the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library.  Lovingly planned and hosted six times throughout the academic year by circulation supervisor, Karen Batdorf, these events have proven to be wonderfully uplifting!

When asked to tell a little bit about the night, Karen shared:  “Therapy pets in the library have provided us with more benefits than we expected.  We knew they would relieve stress, but we didn’t anticipate how often they would help students strike up conversations and make connections to each other by talking about their pets at home.  And some of the biggest fans of the bunnies are big burly guys who come early and keep asking, “Are the bunnies here yet?”

We look forward to seeing you in the rotunda on first floor beginning at 6pm on Thursday, December 13!

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Study Night – Monday Dec 3, 2018 – 7-10pm

It’s Study Night in the Library!!

Tommies are invited to spend a productive evening of study together in the Great Hall of the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library – bring along that assignment that has been hanging over your head – meet with consultants from the Writing Center, MaRC math tutors, enjoy some healthy snacks, take away some fun and helpful library swag, sign up for a free five-minute chair massage, meet with Karen, our motivational coach and get some help with homework planning, ask the librarians about getting those citations done correctly, find proper resources for your papers . . . and more!!

We hope you will join us – procrastinators especially welcome!    You can do this!

Register here!

Monday, December 3, 2018  7-10pm!


Winter Lights. December: Brighten your holidays. Join us at the OSF Library Tues., Dec. 4 from 3:30 - 4:30 in the Leather Room. Counseling staff will discuss: how to deal with holiday stress, ways to find joy this season, guided mindfulness demonstration. Activity: Make your own water light.
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Winter Lights December event

We had a wonderful kick off to our Winter Lights events in early November when we heard about some of the stressors that come with wintertime and heard about coping strategies, and crowdsourced some ideas for local places to visit and things to do. We’ve collected all the ideas into one great library guide to surviving winter! We then decorated light jars so that we could all bring a little light back to our living space.

photo of students making jars filled with small led lights photo of small jars filled with tiny led lights. The room is dark except for the lights in the jars.

Winter Lights. December: Brighten your holidays. Join us at the OSF Library Tues., Dec. 4 from 3:30 - 4:30 in the Leather Room. Counseling staff will discuss: how to deal with holiday stress, ways to find joy this season, guided mindfulness demonstration. Activity: Make your own water light.We hope you’ll join us at our next event on Tuesday, December 4.  We’ll discuss ways to cope with holiday stresses and find joy this season.  You’ll also get to make your own water light to take home.

Winter Lights” is a four part series for students, faculty and staff to help you survive and thrive in the cold dark days of winter.  Each session has a different theme includes a speaker, a hands-on activity, and a chance to brainstorm and share ideas to find light and joy in the winter.  Those ideas are collected and shared on the library winter survival guide as the series progresses.

All are welcome at these events, whether you can make it to only one event or to all four, we hope to see you there!  All events are held in the O’Shaughnessy-Frey library in the Leather room (108) from 3:30 – 4:30 pm. Future event dates are:

  • Dec. 4: Brighten your holidays
  • Jan. 8: Moving into a new year
  • Feb. 12: Growing into spring
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Experience the magic of musicals with the Music and Media Collections! We’re located on the first floor of the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library to the right of the Main Circulation desk.

If you want a close-up look at the history of musicals in America, check out Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy. This feature-length documentary charts the significant contribution to Broadway by famous Jewish composers like Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern, and the Gershwins. It also features classic performances by Barbara Streisand, Joel Grey, and Nathan Lane of this uniquely American art form.
ML1711.8 .N3 B76 2012 DVD

Go on a thrilling ride with My Fair Lady, Lerner and Loewe’s adaptation of George Bernard Shaw’s original play. The film stars a young Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle, a penniless flower girl in the dirty streets of London taken in by Professor Higgins for the sake of a linguistic experiment. Don’t miss this Academy Award-winning feature musical!
M1500 L64 M9 2004 DVD

Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg) is a remarkable French musical in which every word of dialogue is sung! Catherine Deneuve stars in this stylish film about the life and loves of a young woman working in an umbrella boutique in Normandy. It’s a film full of romance and heart.
PN1997 .P376 2004 DVD

This is only a selection! We have titles such as Stephen Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd with Angela Lansbury, The Music Man, Roger and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma! and many others!

By Sarah Pavey

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Ireland Library offers new database free to alumni.

The Archbishop Ireland Memorial Library offers the University of St. Thomas and The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity alumni free access to the ATLASerials for ALUM Database.

ATLASerials for ALUM is an ecumenical database that provides access to key articles, book reviews, and essays found in more than 450 theological journals representing the varied fields within the discipline of religious studies and includes a significant amount of scholarship related to Roman Catholicism. It comprises content from over 30 countries and in 16 languages.

ATLASerials for ALUM contains merged and new content previously contained in the Catholic Periodical and Literature Index for Alums and the ATLA Religion Database for Alums. Alumni who used the former databases must request the most recent web address in order to access the new combined database. New users also need to request access to this service.

Please contact Library Director, Curt LeMay, for more information: nclemay@stthomas.edu.


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Tales from the Archives — St. Thomas & the First World War

On this Veteran’s Day, which marks 100 years after the Armistice was declared for the First World War, it is fitting to reflect on the role St. Thomas played in the war.  Nearly 900 students, faculty, staff and alumni of the College of St. Thomas and St. Thomas Military Academy served during the conflict.   Many took up commissions as officers in the United States Army, Navy, and Marine Corps.  Others served in the the fledgling aviation corps, the ambulance corps or as members of Canadian and British military units.   At least 20 men with connections to St. Thomas lost their lives during while serving their country — some on the battlefield and some from the Spanish Influenza outbreak.

kay-1919-a-063 A group of St. Thomas alums who served during WWI, Kaydet, 1918.

During the autumn of 1918, the College of St. Thomas served as a site for one of the United States War Department’s units of the Student Army Training Corps (S.A.T.C.).  The S.A.T.C utilized the facilities, equipment, and faculty of colleges and universities across the country to select and train officer candidates and provide technical and vocational training for recruits.

The St. Thomas Student Army Training Corps, 1918.

A barracks building was built on campus (near the site of the current Anderson Student Center) in the fall of 1918 to house the 250 men in the program.  The building was occupied for only a short time as the S.A.T.C. unit was demobilized in December 1918 after the armistice was declared.


Armory and S.A.T.C. barracks, 1918.

For more information on the history of St. Thomas during this period, search the Kaydet yearbooks and Purple and Gray magazine in the Historic University Publications database.



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Requesting resources in CLICsearch from another CLIC Library is not currently functioning – RESOLVED

UPDATE 11/11/2018 @ 11:00 pm CST: The issue has been resolved

Requesting resources in CLICsearch from another CLIC Library is not currently functioning. Upon submission, it is serving the error: “Failed to place a request on the resource. Please contact the library.”

Library staff can still place the request for CLIC materials for you via the backend of our system. For now, contact a circulation desk to request an item be requested from a CLIC Library on your behalf:

O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library

Charles J. Keffer Library

Archbishop Ireland Memorial Library

Schoenecker Law Library


Please include as much information as possible, including title, barcode, your name, UST ID#, and CLICsearch URL.

Note: Requesting UST materials through CLICsearch is still functional.

We will update this space as the vendor provides details about a fix.

Poster for the Winter Lights series. Text: Winter Lights, a four part series for students, faculty and staff to survive and thrive in the cold dark days of winter. OSF Library - 3:30 - 4:30, Nov. 8, Dec. 4, Jan. 8, and Feb. 12. Featuring a speaker, idea sharing and an activity!
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Winter Lights events series

This weekend, Daylight Savings Time ends with the setting of our clocks back an hour.  For many of us, this marks at least a psychological beginning to winter, with its shorter days and fewer hours of light.  That lack of daylight, coupled with colder weather, and the stress of holidays can make winter difficult, even for those who love the season.  With that in mind, the library is offering a 4-part “Winter Lights” series to bring warmth and light to the season and to help us find ways to survive and thrive in the winter.

Winter Lights: a four part series for students, faculty and staff to help you survive and thrive in the cold dark days of winter.

Each session will have a different theme and will feature a speaker, a hands-on activity so you can bring something back with you, and a chance to brainstorm ideas of how to find light and joy in the winter.  We will be collecting those ideas and sharing them here on the blog as the series progresses.  Come a little early and we’ll have some cider and snacks for you to pick up on your way in!

All are welcome at these events, whether you can make it to only one event or to all four, we hope to see you there!

November’s event: Prepare for the winter days to come

poster for November event. Text: Winter Lights. November: Prepare for the winter days to come. OSF Library - 3:30 to 4:30. Thursday, November 8th, Room 108. Activity: Make your own lantern. Counseling staff will discuss: Mental and physical effects of shorter days. Coping strategies for the season. Light therapy demonstration

At our first Winter Lights event, the theme is preparing for the winter days to come.  Staff from CAPS will present on the mental and physical effects of shorter days and less daylight.  They’ll talk about coping strategies and provide a light therapy demonstration.  We will have an opportunity for everyone there to share their own favorite coping strategies and our activity will be making a lantern so you can bring some light home with you.

Winter Lights: Prepare for the winter days ahead
Thursday, November 8, 2018
O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library, room 108 (the “Leather Room”)
3:30 – 4:30 pm, light snacks starting at 3:15

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Please do not damage library materials or remove them without authorization

When a member of the community removes or destroys library materials, it is a violation of a social contract, and it deprives others of the benefit of this commonly owned resource. Library collections, in part, are developed to preserve ideas for the future. Librarians take seriously their responsibility to collect, preserve and circulate these important materials. The system is unique in society, it is very civilized, and it works as long as the community respects and honors the basic principles of community owned and maintained resources.

Because the Libraries strive to provide collections that represent a diversity of viewpoints, library users may occasionally find materials owned by the Libraries to be controversial or objectionable. Written complaints will be considered within the guidelines outlined in our collection policy that can be found here.

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