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APA 7th ed. Zoom Workshops

Cover of the APA 7th edition Publication Manual

Do you need to write a paper for class in the social sciences (psychology, sociology, business) that requires APA style and citations? Attend an APA 7th ed. Zoom Workshop presented by the St. Thomas Libraries (registration link below). Students, faculty, and staff are invited to learn about updates in the new edition of the style guide and what helpful tools are available.

Faculty can choose to attend the general sessions that describe the updates in the 7th edition and what resources the  Libraries can provide OR the limited faculty-specific sessions that speak more to the resources for teaching APA 7th to students.

Each session lasts approximately one hour.

  • FACULTY-SPECIFIC | Wed, Oct 21: 12-1 PM
  • FACULTY-SPECIFIC | Thu, Oct 29: 6-7 PM
  • Mon, Oct 26: 3-4 PM
  • Wed, Nov 4: 6-7 PM
  • Tues, Nov 10: 4-5 PM
  • Thu, Nov 19: 6-7 PM
  • Fri, Dec 4: 1-2 PM

Register at

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Ask a Librarian – anytime and from anywhere

Ask a Librarian is a vital service available to anyone at St. Thomas to get help with many different questions about the library and research.

Wondering what kinds of questions to ask a librarian?  Here are a few examples:

  • How do I start a research project?
  • How can I find a specific book or article?
  • How do I know if an article or book is a good one to use?
  • How do I cite a source in my bibliography?
  • What types of sources would be good for my project?
  • How do I know if an article is peer-reviewed?
  • I’m trying to find research on a topic and I’m just not finding any, what should I do?
  • I’m trying to find research on a topic and I have way too many results, what do I do?
  • I found an article on my topic but it’s too old, how do I find something newer?
  • How do I know if I’ve found enough sources for a research assignment?
  • I want to look through a specific journal, do you have it?
  • I have an interview with a company, how can I find out more information about that company?

To get answers to these and other library questions, use our Ask a Librarian Service.

Connect with a St. Thomas librarian!

ask a librarian: research help online via chat, text, email, or zoomYou can connect with a librarian via the Chat tool (purple box at bottom right of the library page) or simply send a text (651-504-1324).

St. Thomas librarians will be available to answer Ask a Librarian questions

  • Monday-Thursday 10:00am – 10:00pm
  • Friday 10:00am – 5:00pm
  • Sunday 1:00 – 5:00 pm

What if you have questions outside those hours? 

No worries! We are part of a cooperative reference service called AskMN. That means that during off-hours, our chat and text messages are answered right away by other academic librarians around the country (and in exchange, some of our librarians answer questions from students at other libraries around the country).  If the other librarians can’t fully answer your question, they’ll pass it along to us and we’ll get back to you when we’re back.

You can also ask a librarian via Email.

Email a librarian anytime or use our Ask a Librarian form and we’ll answer within one business day.

Don’t forget about Research Consultations with a subject librarian! 

Our subject librarians are experts in the tools and resources for their subjects.  They are available to meet with you to help with in-depth questions via Zoom, phone, or email: whatever works best for you!  Don’t know who your subject librarian is?  Check our Subject Librarian page to find your librarian and how to contact them.

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Welcome to the Music and Media Collections

Welcome to the Music and Media Collections of O’Shaughnessy Frey Library! Whether you are new to our campus or a returning member of our community, the Collections are open and available to all.

Our physical collections offer a variety of films. For casual viewing we have everything from Dead Poets Society to Sleepy HollowMadmen to ParasiteIf you are searching for a film for class, we have many documentaries and educational films that covers the arts, sciences, and humanities.

If you have a specific film in mind, you can reserve it through CLICsearch to pick up at your convenience. You can also check out DVD drives to watch the film on your laptop! Of course, you are still free to browse physically, as long as you follow our COVID-19 policies, posted at the door to the Collections.

If you feel more comfortable with our online options, check out our Popular Movie Collections guide. This online source gives a brief explanation of some of our more popular online collections. With more than 16 streaming databases, there will always be something for you to watch! Our databases can be found on the library’s Film page, where you will find a description of what each database has to offer.

Of course we also provide music services here at the Collections, both physically and online. The library’s Music page lists all our audio resources, where you can find Music Research Databases, as well as streaming platforms for a range of genres.

Feel free to stop by whenever you have the chance. We are open every day of the week. To view the Collection’s hours, you can view the Library Hours and Information Page. You can also reach us by email at, or by phone at 651-962-5447. We look forward to hearing from you!


By Tessa Keefe

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Visit the Libraries Homecoming Table – Virtually!

Welcome to Tommie Homecoming! 

You are invited to enjoy a virtual visit to this year’s Purple on the Plaza Homecoming Library Booth.  Find out how to access your yearbooks and news from long ago – enjoy fun trivia – photos from the archives – view a library welcome video – enter online contest for a chance to win a Tommie sweatshirt – and much more!


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AtoZ Databases trial up and running throughout October

AtoZ Databases is a business directory that provides contact information for over 13 million businesses and 240 million consumers.  AtoZ also provides information on individual companies, even smaller and privately held companies. 

Advanced features allow users to customize lists of businesses based on location, location, size, and industry; and offer extra visualizations of data including charts and heat maps. 

The advanced features for people allow users to look for consumers and create lists based on demographics, personal attitudes, and preferences. It is a valuable tool for marketing and entrepreneurship students creating and business or marketing plan. It can also assist patrons looking for personal contacts and jobs or internships within a specific field; and career resources that give advice on company research, resumes, and successful job interviews.

The unlimited trial for AtoZ Databases will continue throughout the month of October for all members of the UST community.  If you have further questions or comments about this product, please contact Andrea Koeppe (



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Welcome back to the Library!

As the University re-opens and people return to campus, we wanted to give everyone some information about what’s happening at the libraries and how things are a little different this Fall.

First, what hasn’t changed: we still have a robust set of resources (books, magazines, journals, datasets, films, and more) for you to use, and library staff are available to help you navigate, find, and use them.  We are still here for you!

There are some changes, though, to keep you and our community as safe as possible during this pandemic.  Our short video (3 min) goes through a lot of the changes, or read on for more details.

Libraries in the time of COVID

So what changes will you see in the libraries? (Note that these may change as the situation and pandemic and Department of Health dictate.  Make sure to check our website for the most up to date information).

Masks, hand sanitizing stations, and work space sanitizing stations:

Masks are required to be worn in the libraries (as they are everywhere on campus).

  • If you are eating or drinking in the library, we ask that you have your mask covering your face whenever you are not actively eating.
  • We have hand and work sanitizing stations throughout the library.  Please wipe down spaces before and after using them.

Research help is available online:

Our librarians love working with you to help you find and use our resources, but because our work is often in-depth, it isn’t safe to do it in person.

Clear markers of where to line up and stand:

photo in front of Stacks Cafe showing stickers on the floor indicating where to stand

Pawprints on the floor in front of Stacks Café show you where to line up

You’ll see the familiar Tommie pawprint stickers on the floor in front of our desks and the Stacks Café to help you line up at a safe distance.


Spaces and furniture:

We will notice that we have moved furniture to be in alignment with our Common Good Occupancy, please do not move furniture from where it is.  Rest assured that we still have many spaces available for study:

  • Spaces for online class participation: You are welcome to participate in your online classes in the library on the Lower Level, Sub Level and 1st floor, or in a reserved study room.  You will need to use your own headphones/microphone, and keep your voice to a low level to avoid disturbing others.
  • Spaces for quiet study: The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors are reserved for quiet study.  Please make sure you have headphones if you are listening to audio on your computer.
  • Study Rooms: Our study rooms will be available to be reserved online.  We are building in a 30 minute cushion between reservations to allow the space to air out.  Most rooms are now single occupancy.

    photo of study area on 2nd floor of OSF library. Tables and chairs are spaced out for safety

    The study space on 2nd floor of OSF has tables and chairs spaced out for safety.

Books, Journals, DVDs, and other materials:

You can check out our books and materials just like before.  You can request books from other libraries using CLIC request and Interlibrary Loan.

We are following recommendations that come from studies done by the REALM project on safe handling of library materials.  Most books and other materials are quarantined for 72 hours. Glossy materials such as magazines, coffee table books and children’s board books will be quarantined for 96 hours.

  • What this means to you: You may notice delays in getting materials, especially if you request them from another library or if they were recently returned or received.

Technology in the library:

ITS has removed shared computers on campus including the lab computers in the library.  We do have printing available and two computers to use to print documents.

We are not circulating headphones, cords, or lockers.

  • What this means to you: Bring your own device and headphones (if you’ll be listening to audio).  Consider setting up Follow Me printing so that you can print to any printer from your laptop.

Alumni and Guests:

Alumni and guests are welcome in the library and can use and check out materials if they have a card.  Because we do not have shared computers, we are unable to offer access to our electronic resources.



Keep calm and read the syllabus
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The library as a resource for your students (library syllabus statement)

For our faculty: As you work on your classes for this Fall, please consider adding the libraries as a resource for your students by adding our statement (and editing as you see fit) to your course syllabus.  While our research services have gone mostly online, we are still available and look forward to helping your students in all stages of their research assignment or with any of their information needs (and yours as well!).

You can download a MS Word version of the statement (UST only) or copy and paste from the statement text below:

University of St. Thomas Libraries Syllabus Statement

Fall 2020

University of St. Thomas Libraries (O’Shaughnessy-Frey, Keffer, Ireland and Law) provide access to a broad range of information resources. Librarians support students with research assignments from the early stages to completion.

Connect with us:

We can help you with your research assignments in any stage:

Navigate library resources Familiarity with library home page; research & course guides; services; hours; contact info, etc.
Develop an effective research strategy Research question; narrow down topic; identify keywords, concepts and terms; select relevant info; analysis & synthesis; evaluation, etc.
Identify resources for your search Books, journals, newspapers, primary sources, social media, data, or others, depending on course /research needs
Document sources using an appropriate citation style RefWorks (citation management tool), or other citation resources.

Make an appointment with a Librarian:

Subject librarians provide in-depth research assistance by appointment. If you would like assistance that goes beyond what is provided through regular reference services, we encourage you to contact the librarian in your subject area to make an appointment.

Circulation, Services

Physical Course Reserves COVID-19 Policy

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused changes which affect our physical course reserves services as on campus classes resume. To keep library patrons and staff safe, the Libraries’ policy is to quarantine all materials that have been used for 72 hours, as recommended by the CDC and IMLS, who are performing studies determining how long the virus is detectable on various library materials. We will still offer a physical reserves option, but the quick turnaround of one copy for multiple users will no longer be possible, and therefore reduce the benefit of using physical Course Reserves.

All physical Course Reserves materials will be quarantined after each use for 72 hours with no exceptions.

Some strategies faculty and the Libraries should use to mitigate the need for physical Course Reserves during the pandemic are included below. For help with any of these services, find contact info for course materials staff at our different libraries.

  1. Choose an alternative reading or video from our electronic and streaming collections. Your subject liaison librarian can help.
  2. If we can buy an electronic version of the title requested, we will and will offer that instead of the physical version.
  3. For books, if only a fair use portion of the work would suffice, we will digitize that portion instead of checking out the material. This will not apply to videos or audio. Contact the Head of the Music & Media Collections for help with questions about media.
  4. If the material is in print and available for purchase, students should be encouraged to purchase their own copy.
  5. Instructor personal copies can be added as additional copies available for checkout.
  6. Our Course Materials staff are available to work with you to create a Resource List with electronic materials and make it available in your Canvas course.
Tommie Mascot reading a book in the O'Shaughnessy-Room
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Library Reopening: What you need to know

As part of the university’s COVID-19 Preparedness Plan, the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library will begin to reopen this week. Taking a phased approach, the library will be following Level One reopen criteria, which consists of mask use, hand sanitization and disinfecting stations being installed, appropriate signage for physical distancing, plexiglass barriers, and card-access building control. All plans are contingent on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Minnesota Department of Health.

For the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library, Level One means only the first floor will be open for students, faculty, and staff. Computers, printers, and copiers will not be available for use, but various study tables, reference books, reserves, and requested-item pickup will be.

At this time, we are unable to provide in-person reference or technical help. As the university transitions to Level Two criteria, we expect to open more services.

The O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library will be open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information about library services during COVID-19, check out our guide here and read more about the library reopening here.