SofTest and Mid terms

To install SofTest for the first time:

1. Go to examsoft.com/stthomaslaw
2. log in with your authentication. Username ID is your ust id: 100xxxxxx and password is the exam password you received through the mail.
3. After logged in, download the software and install.
[Note for Mac users: your mac security might prevent you from installing any app that is not from apple. To install, you have to change the security setting under Security.
4. After installation, register your SofTest. The institution ID is stthomaslaw.
5. Your user id is: 100xxxxxx and password is the one sent through the mail [we can find your password if you get or cannot locate your password at the training].
6. After registration, you will be able to download the mock exam. Download it and click Done to get out and then click Take Exam to take the mock exam.
7. I will cover the navigation and how to operate.
8. Save and Exit and then upload the exam.

For those who have SofTest installed on their machine:

1. Uninstall the SofTest
For Windows, go under Control Panel, and then uninstall, select SofTest to uninstall.
For Mac, find your Hard Drive icon, click on it to find Library and then Application Support and trash the whole folder called SofTest.
2. Then follow the steps listed above (First Part) from 1 to 8.


Problems and solutions of getting on UST network

I have seen mainly PC users who experienced problems with logging onto UST wireless. They entered the correct UST username and password, but the network just refused their authentication. One solution is to enter “UST\” in front of the user name. I do not know why without the domain causes the authentication process to fail, but the addition of domain in most situations will resolve the issue.

That is also true for the installation and authentication of Papercut program.

In addition, several students came to me with problems of configuring their iPhone to use outlook mail. What I discovered is that hey had to use manual set up and choose the outlook option before they connect.

With explosion of devices and the rapid software upgrades, problems abound and instructions simply cannot keep pace with the technical glitches. Boots on the ground is the best way to deal with unexpected problems.


Exchange files between Macbook and iMac

My old way of exchange files between Macbook Pro and my iMac made use of Dropbox. That worked, but it seemed so old fashioned. There actually exists an easy way to exchange files between the two Apple devices:it is called Airdrop. Once you turn the Airdrop on in both devices, you can see the devices nearby [after you choose the option that everybody can see you, meaning the device]. To move files between the two is a simple drag and drop. Once you drop a file to the Airdrop of the nearby device, that device can decide either to accept or decline.

Airdrop also works for iPhone and Macbook Pro for the exchange of certain files, such as photos. Exchange files between two un-tethered devices can occur through wi-fi with out the need of cable or on the cloud. They can talk to each other directly.


Pesty Word Bullet List Problem

I am sure we all encountered the problem in Word that when you type a number in front of a sentence, as soon as you hit the space button, that number become a numbered list. If that is what you want, it is perfect because you automatically get a bullet point item. But sometimes we do not want a bullet list, or we want a bullet list, but we want a different number. So how to correct the auto behavior? In Word, there is an easy fix to handle two kinds of situations.

First kind is if you want your list to start with a different number, simply right click any where in the numbered paragraph, and choose either the option of restart at 1, continuing numbering and so on.

Second type is if you do not want the automatic numbering at all, go under the Word options and then choose proofing, and then AutoCorrectOptions, unselect automatic bullet lists and automatic numbered lists.

This will eliminate the stubborn Word bullet lists or numbered lists problem.