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Printing and Papercut set up problem

Occasionally, some law students could not print after the usual steps of setting the printer up. The problem could be that the network does not see the person logging in though the wireless connection might show that this person is on the UST network. The solution is to add after the printer name to force the server to see the person, for instance, the printer name normally would be (on Mac) smb://ust-pm3p/MSL216-xxxx. We can add smb:// to force the connection with the server.

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Install Printers for your Mac Laptop

We have discovered that some students installed printers successfully using the instructions here, but some were not able to install printers. For those who had difficulty installing printers on your Mac, please follow the new instructions:

1. Go to your System Preferences app, and then Print & Scan. Then Click on the + sign to the lower left side and then:
2. Control click on the top panel until you see Customize Toolbar option, choose that.
3. Now drag the Advanced button onto the bar and quick out of Customize Toolbar dialogue.
4. Now click on the advanced button
5. Choose Windows via spools, not the fax
6. in the url field, type in the print server and print name, for instance:
These are the names of the printers:

UST-PRINT3-MSL010-427: located in the library basement.
UST-PRINT3-MSL032-451: located in the library basement.
UST-PRINT3-MSL103-1000C: located on the library first floor. This is a color
printer.UST-PRINT3-MSL103-429: located on the library first floor.
UST-PRINT3-MSL216-442: located on the library second floor, near the
circulation area.
UST-PRINT3-MSL209-441: located on the library second floor, Computer Lab.
UST-PRINT3-MSL207-439: located on the library second floor, near the
Computer Lab.
UST-PRINT3-MSL305-449: located on the library third floor.

To print to the printer located on the second floor of the library, the computer lab, the syntax to finish the url is:

smb://ust-print3/msl209-441. Another example: to install the printer on the first floor, the color printer, it is: smb://ust-print3/msl103-1000C.

7. For driver, choose Generic post-script printing.
8. Now hit add.
9. It may ask you for authorization, enter your ust id and password. You do not need the ust/ in front of the authorizations.
10. Now you can send a test printing page to the printer you have chosen.

If you encounter further problems, contact Kelly or Don.