A few useful tips and tricks for the upcoming semester

1. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to remove password protection of a PDF document so you can edit it, use this easy to use online site: http://smallpdf.com/unlock-pdf. All you need to do is to upload the locked PDF and then download the unlocked PDF.

2. In Follow Me Print, students can upload a document anywhere online and then print the documents on any of the public printers. The potential problem is that if they need to print the document on single sided not the default double sided printing, it can not be be done. There is no option to set single sided printing. The option available on the printer itself is disabled even if you can set that option. The only way around is either to put the file on a stick and then print it out at one of the public computers or you print the document out on your own printer, but you have to map a printer to the follow me printer. The steps to accomplish the later: a. in windows, under run, type: \\ust-pm2p and the enter; b. choose the FollowMeBlack (\\ust-pm2p). Now when you print to the followmeBlack printer, you can define the print options.

2a. You might ask that if I can print to the pm2p, I can definitely print to the physical printer, so why the bother? No answer. I am still try to figure it out myself.

3. Lastly, for the just completed exam sessions for last semester, we experienced a lot of Examsoft problems, for PCs. Some of the problems include: PC failed to start, wifi failed to connect, restart button missing, etc. etc… I have been successful in restoring the computers with the help of Examsoft support. If you continue to experience problems with your PC, feel free to come and talk to me. You have reasons to be mad, not at me though.

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