PDF problems between Mac and PC and Macro Assignment of Word in Mac

Mac’s Preview program can edit PDF, such as filling in form field in a PDF document, but it keeps the form field as hidden element in the document. If you later open the same PDF on a PC, the form field will display both the hidden form field information as well as the text one enters into the form field, so you end up with a jumbled display. The fix is easy, but is hidden so deep that can elude most average users of Adobe Acrobat program. If the document contains hundreds of form fields, to fix each form field is a painful process.

The fix is: to click on remove all hidden fields on the right pane of the PDF screen. The form fields will then be detected and displayed in the left pane. Select all the form fields in the form fields pane, not the document pane and right click to show the properties. Change the color to whatever color you like under Appearance, say red, and then change back to its original color, most likely black. This will fix the display problem, weird but true. Three clicks is worth tens or dozen hours of work.

On a totally different topic: assign a shortcut key to a macro. In PC, it is under options and customize and then customize keyboard, and then find the macro and select the macro you want to assigne a new shortcut key. In Mac, it follows a different path. It is under Tools and then customize keyboard. From there, it is the same as PC.

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