Problems encountered in launching Office 365

Office 365 follows the footsteps of all other cloud computing or Software as a Service approach. Theoretically this could work well that your Word documents will follow you and it makes no difference if you work on a Mac or PC, in Minnesota or Mongolia. But my experience in encouraging faculty/staff members to adopt this Office 365 has some unexpected surprises, most of them bad which caused hesitation on my part to push for its adoption.

Surprise No. 1: Once installed, and next time you use it, despite the fact that you have already activated the product, it still asks you to activate it. It usually is not a problem if the computer is connected on the network. If the network connection is off, it will fail the activation.

Surprise No. 2: Even if activation is completed the first time a Word document is opened, the next time the document is opened and when the computer is not connected online, Word automatically make it a read only copy, with no savings, or other editing tools available. Frustrating for a faculty/staff who needs to work on a paper and no internet connection comes handy.

Surprise No. 3: If you work on Mac, the laptop will continually ask you to provide the key chain password which most people probably forget about it long time ago ad there is no way to get rid of the persistent prompting of this need for key chain password.

More surprises to follow.

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