Weekly Activities

Weekly Activities

Though the semester seems just started, we are already in the midst of preparing for mid-terms. We have an ExamSoft training coming up on Friday. Already we have a steady stream of students seeking help with ExamSoft setup and other hardware questions.

Kelly upgraded Immigration Pro software for IPC and has been working on the tickets that were entered into the IRT ticketing system. She helped the Trail Advocacy students with their auditions taking place in the Moot Court room.

Don worked with Kate Ultrup to format Tom Berg’s Supreme Court Brief and submit the brief in time. Don is considering giving a workshop on how to create TOC, TOA and other formatting skills.

Don worked on Saturday to reconfigure the TV monitor specs so the slides will display properly. He took a few profile photos of some staff to be used in the roster produced internally. Also, he has finished and submitted departmental annual report. He worked hard to create and launch the new LLM site, in preparation for the upcoming China Trip with Rob.

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