Weekly Activities

Weekly Activities Report

Highlights of the past week’s activities include:

  • Kelly hosted a Blackboard open lab. A few people attended, including one adjunct from law school.
  • Kelly will install updates for Immigration Pro for the Clinic.
  • The reorganization of room 448 is completed. The document camera is detached instead of being attached to the equipment tower.
  • Kelly and Rick did a lot of work setting up the teleconferencing capability when Senator Amy Klobuchar gave a speech here. We ended up not using it, but it was a good experience and we could use the capability for other occasions. It does have a cost (4 cents a minute) associated with the telephone call.
  • We now have a system in place to check the classroom technology: On every Friday, we have a tech support checking: 1. all batteries work for clickers and mouse; 2. all equipment plays and cleaned up; 3. cables are all attached and 4. other equipment checking and maintenance work.
  • We are planning two workshops for the students, one on configuring laptop to print to public printers and automatic access to wireless network to be held mid October and another one on creating table of authorities/content using Word to be held early November.
  • Don ordered a couple of charging cables for iPad for two staff/faculty members.
  • Don updated Admissions page with new information of the incoming class.
  • Don experimented with a bunch of publishing platforms, such as issuu.com, yudu.com, bluetoad.com, gtxcel.com. We are thinking of using the platforms for publishing our PDF documents, especially the Mentor log manual and the school’s Viewbook.
  • Kelly will work on the tutorials on how to use the Gradebook features in Blackboard.
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