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Five simple strategies to keep current with technology for lawyers

ABA’s Model Rules of Professional Responsibility for lawyers provide that lawyers need to keep abreast of changes in the law and its practice and the risks and benefits associated with relevant technology (Rule 1.1: Competence). So having knowledge of relevant technology is now a part of what the lawyer should do. There are five simple steps that might help lawyers in this respect. ABA’s Law Practice Management Section lists the five steps. If you are interested, read on….

A further step is to ponder how a law school can teach some of the skills. Many law schools are now offering classes such as law practice and technology; clinics are using case management software. Some law schools even go as far as teaching students how to program, i.e., writing codes. The goal is not making law students into technology geeks, but to produce lawyers with enough tech skills to thrive in this difficult era.

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