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Use Save As, not Save when you work on Word Document pulled from Outlook Online (OWA)

Just worked with a student in a panic. He used the Outlook Web App to read an email with an attachment, clicked on the attachment and then saved the changes, thinking all the while that the edits were saved. He closed the document, and now when he needed to print it out, opened the attachment again. The edits were gone, horrifyingly. OWA does not save any edits. But frustratingly, Word did not throw any error messages!

But the puzzle is that when you hit the save button, it has to be saved somewhere, right? But I could not find the saved file, either in the temporary file folder, internet temporary file, or downloads folder. And even amazingly maddening, the recent files did not contain any entry for the saved file. So it is sort of saved, but not saved. It is like the computer played a trick.

So my advice to the students or anybody using OWA: always use “save as” before working on the attached file!

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