Importing AVCHD into iMovie, the easy way

We are a small IT unit and we do whatever we can to cope with demands. For instance, when we receive a request to record a talk or interview given the next morning and we do not have the recording facility in the classroom, we can think of a number of ways to cope with.

One, we can use iPhoto on MacBook to record. iPhoto will record it in .mov format which can easily be moved around and edited, copied or uploaded. We actually are using this method to record our Trial Advocacy classes. Students love it.

Two, we can also use a camcorder that our library has. It can record 1 hour 24 minutes video on its hard drive and it is in HD. The trouble with this Sony camcorder is that it is recorded in AVCHD format. Unfortunately, windows movie maker does not import this .mts format. But luckily, iMovie on my MacBook does. And the steps are very easy to perform.

I first uploaded the recording from the camcorder to my PC, moving the whole AVCHD folder. Then I copied that folder onto my jump drive. Now I started my iMovie on my MacBook, and then plugged in the jump drive. iMove automatically recognized the jump drive. The only thing left for me to do was to click the “Important All” button on the lower right. The clip is now in iMovie and I can create a project and export the project to the format we can use.

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