Instructor’s Philosophy for Teaching and Studying Law in the Opus College of Business

I used to afraid of the law.  It was so serious.  It was like reading Shakespeare or going to the Opera.  Then I found out that Shakespeare could be funny and I watched the Marx Brothers in “A Night at the Opera.”  Law could be fun!  I was also lucky because one of my instructors was a disc jockey (as I was) and showed me how to use the media to explain legal theories and issues.  It worked for me.  It may or may not for you.   I also look at comedy more than tragedy.  Life is too short. 

Here are some key points.  Don’t try to memorize the law. You can’t. And beside, it may change tomorrow. Instead try to understand the relationships between law, government, society and history.  Law is a journey. Law is like the Gulf Stream. Law moves with History. Look for trends within law, business, society and history.  If you understand and learn from the past – you can understand where you are today – and how as a manager, or as a citizen, you can influence tomorrow .

I also believe that we are all adult learners and I follow the principles of Malcolm Knowles and his theory of andragogy.  Knowles major principles of andragogy are that:

1. There is a need to explain why specific things are being taught (e.g., certain commands, functions, operations, etc.)

2. Instruction should be task-oriented instead of memorization — learning activities should be in the context of common tasks to be performed.

3. Instruction should take into account the wide range of different backgrounds of learners; learning materials and activities should allow for different levels/types of previous experience with computers.

4. Since adults are self-directed, instruction should allow learners to discover things for themselves, providing guidance and help when mistakes are made.

This website is designed to give you general breadth for the course, and if you wish to go further into a specific subject, depth for the course.

When you wish, please go visit some of the sites which may help you on this journey. Hop on!   Enjoy the ride and see where it takes you!

Bon Voyage!