BLAW 600 – Legal Environment of Business

General Course Goals and Objectives:

Students are in the Graduate Programs in the Opus College of Business, not the School of Law. The objectives are different. And please remember my philosophy about study law and business: Don’t try to memorize the law. You can’t. And beside, it may change tomorrow. Instead try to understand the relationships between law, government, society, and history and business. Law is a journey. Law is like the Gulf Stream.  Law moves with History. Look for trends within law, business, society, and history. If you understand and learn from the past – you can understand where you are today – and how as a manager, or as a citizen, you can influence tomorrow.

Specific Goals for this Class:

Students should make progress in learning to apply course material to improve thinking, problem solving and decisions. (IDEA Objectives Number 3)

1. To recognize a legal situation

2. To know when to contact an attorney

3. To know how to talk with an attorney

4. To know how to work with her toward a creative solution

Specific Objectives for this Class:

Students should make progress in gaining factual knowledge and learning fundamental principles in business and law. (IDEA Objectives Numbers 1 and 2)

1.  To be able to read and understand basic legal terms and concepts

2. To understand the elements of a contract

3. To understand when a contract must be in writing

4. To understand who can enforce a contract

5. To understand the effects of breaching a contract

6. To know when and how the statutes (such as the Uniform Commercial Code) affect contracts

7. To understand the legal differences in the choice of the structure of business organizations

8. To understand basic agency and employment relationships

9. To understand basic rights in property

10.To know how to brief a case

Course Methodology: Modified seminar approach with special emphasis on current events. Class participation is strongly encouraged.  Please read the page on Class Participation. I’m a concept guy, with not a lot of neat formulas with 2×2 matrices.  There is reading, but a lot more thinking.In addition, I am addicted to stories, old movies and songs.  Most of them were created before you were born, but please forgive me, because I’m hooked on classics.  These mnemonic devices work for me, but may not for you.  Please tell me if they do not work for you.

On purpose I tend to be bizarre, because there are many different ways to learn and I try to use all senses.

Your Responsibilities:

Make an effort so do the readings and come to the class prepared.  This is a highly interactive, discussion-oriented class where class participation is mandatory. You will be expected to ask questions not only of the instructor, but also of each other.

If you prefer not to speak, do not take this class!

You also have a responsibility to think and to go beyond the readings and come to class excited to be here.  Do not come to be spoon-fed.  You have to make a contribution. I firmly believe that we learn as much for each other as from me.   I am not the “Sage on the Stage” but rather the “Guide on the Side.”

And finally, be constructive.  This is our class, help me make our class work!

Enhancement Program for Disability: In compliance with the University of St. Thomas policy and disability guidelines, your instructors are available to discuss appropriate academic accommodations that you may require as a student with a disability. Requests for academic accommodation should be made during the first week of the semester so timely arrangements can be made. Students are encouraged to register with the Enhancement Program for disability verification and for determination of reasonable accommodations. Classroom accommodations will be provided to students with documented disabilities.  Information about the Enhancement Program is available at (651) 962-6315.

Academic Integrity:

Students are obliged to refrain from acts that they know or, under the circumstances, have reason to believe, will impair the integrity of the university.  Violations of academic integrity include, but are not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, unauthorized multiple submissions, knowingly furnishing false or incomplete information to any agent of the university for inclusion in academic records, and falsification, forgery, alteration, destruction, or misuse of official university documents or seal.

Confidentiality Policy:

The Evening MBA classroom is a confidential environment. This means that all personal and organizational communication remains within the learning system.


This syllabus is not a contract, but a plan for action. The instructors reserve the right to alter its stipulations, upon prior notification to students, if and when educational circumstances warrant changes.

Grading Policies:

100 Point Midterm
100 Point Final
100 Point Class Participation
40 Point Common Executive Summary Note

Please note that the OCB Faculty has determined that the maximum grade point average for a core course is 3.5.

Attendance policy:

As per the policies outlined by the Opus College of Business. Be here, be on time, or please call!  Missing many classes will have a direct impact on your participation points.

Prohibition of Tape or Video Recording:

I expressly do not authorize any tape or video recording of my classes by or on behalf of any student in this course.


This learning plan is just a strategic plan – that spells out goals, targets, objectives and a source of direction. It is not written in stone! And I specifically reserve the right to change dates and subject matter to be covered.

Above all – have some fun !!!