BLAW 301 Assignments

Date Theme Concept Readings
Week One
January 30
“Getting to know you…” Your everyday news, radio, TV and Net  
Week Two February 6 Contracts: Agreement,
“A verbal contract isn’t worth the paper it’s written on…” Miller/Jentz Chapters 7 – 9
Week Three February 13 Contracts: Capacity, Reality of Consent “You can get a
lot more
done with…” Al Capone
Miller/Jentz Chapters 9 – 11
Week Four February 20 Contracts: Legality, Form Viva Las Vegas Miller/Jentz Chapters 9 – 11
Week Five February 27 Contracts: Performance, Remedies “What do you
Miller/Jentz Chapters 12 – 13
Week Six March 5 Contracts: UCC: Article 2 Sales “There are different
rules for business people?”
Miller/Jentz Chapters 14 – 16
Week Seven March 12 MidTerm Exam MidTerm Exam Cumulative
March 19 Spring Break      
Weeks Eight and Nine March 26/April 2
(Two class sessions)
Torts and Products Liability “What do I use this screwdriver for?” Home Improvement Miller/Jentz Chapters 4,17
April 9 Easter Monday      
Week Ten April 16 Agency and Employment Relationships Whom am I working for?” Miller/Jentz Chapters 22 – 23
Week Eleven April 23 Property “What do I own?” Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Miller/Jentz Chapters 28 – 29
Week Twelve April 30 Business Organizations “Who’s running my company…? The Hudsucker Proxy Miller/Jentz Chapters 24 – 26
Week Thirteen May 7 Seminar Topics Handouts Handouts
Week Fourteen May ? Final Exam Sample Questions Cumulative Cumulative