Quick Start

Log in:  go to https://blogs.stthomas.edu/YOURBLOG/wp-admin to login. Your site is at https://blogs.stthomas.edu/YOURBLOG/  sign in with your UST username and password.

Post: On left navigation click Posts<Add New

  1. Fill in title, body, a short excerpt(optional). Save Draft will allow you to save and/or edit later.  To separate page with more place your cursor in the area you would like the page to break and them select the tool that looks like a page being broken apart also known as the Insert More Tool.
  2. Select category/author in the lower right box titled categories.
  3. Fill in tags i.e. boston, fenway, david ortiz
  4. Preview if you like, it will appear in a new browser window
  5. Publish or to publish later select edit next to Publish immediately and select when you would like it to publish. Be sure to hit okay when to save the time and date.

Images: In Posts Select the fuzzy ball looking icon above the tools.

  1. To Upload images be sure you are tabbed to from computer (this will allow you to select from your computer or desktop) Find file you would like to upload. Hit select.
  2. To Size and insert, select the alignment you would like and the particular size, remember that WordPress will crop all of them for you so, no need to size. Once you have finished Save all changes (at bottom) and insert into post.
  3. What if I have already uploaded the file? In the top tabbed selection select Media Library<Find image<Show (next to the image) then follow step

Links: In Posts highlight the word you would like to link. In the tools select the chain link figure eight-looking icon. A popup will ask you for the web address (URL). Place it in the corresponding field and select  target<open link in new window<Insert.