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New Assistant Director of Graduate Business Alumni Relations

Amanda-Wagner Amanda Wagner, a 2012 MBC graduate, has joined OCB as the new assistant director of Graduate Business Alumni Relations. Continue reading for a message from Amanda…

As an MBC alumna, the Opus College of Business is a place I called home for four years and I’m excited to return as the assistant director of graduate business alumni relations. Having managed a professional career with extensive travel while also going to class at least once a week, I know the challenges of pursuing an MBA or similar degree. I understand that classes occupy a lot of time and force you to reprioritize the things and people in your life. After graduation, it’s easy to fill your time with all of those things you’ve placed on the back burner for the last several years.

I encourage you to stay engaged. A variety of events provide a forum for networking with students, alumni, faculty and staff. We are always looking for experienced alumni to participate in information sessions, speak to business classes, mentor current students and serve on our alumni advisory board.

As you continue to prioritize and reprioritize, I hope you will find time to stop by. Our goal is to offer events and opportunities that add value, both personally and professionally. If there is something specific you would like to see as an alumni offering, please do not hesitate to contact the graduate business alumni relations office at (651) 962-4325.


Amanda Wagner ‘12 MBC

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The Business of Golf: Lessons Learned at UST

WirthAs I look over the list of 50+ attendees for the Third Annual Full-time UST MBA Student & Alumni Golf outing this weekend, it reminds me of an article I read online from INC. – “5 Business Lessons Learned on the Golf Course”

The article states that golf “remains one of the greatest ways to build and maintain solid business relationships” and provides you with 5 of Arnold Palmer’s principles that are relevant to business.  These 5 principles are almost parallel to the strategies discussed in UST’s Graduate Business Career Service’s (GBCS) Career Labs for Full-time MBA students.  Here’s a quick comparison:

INC: “Always Give a Firm Handshake”
GBCS:  Always give a firm handshake

INC: “Don’t Dwell on Yesterday’s News”
GBCS:  No matter what your background is, make it relevant to the position you are aspiring for.  Tell your story.

INC: “Practice Like A Pro”
GBCS: Practice your elevator pitch

INC: “Use Fear For Fuel”
GBCS: Be passionate about what you do and do it well.  Be persistent.  Don’t be afraid to take risks.

INC: “Befriend Your Enemy…don’t think about your competitors as enemies, but as a challenge for you to work harder”
GBCS: UST has a solid, accredited MBA program.  Be proud of it.  You’re just as good (if not better) than graduates from other accredited MBA programs.  Believe it.

So as you head out to the course possibly for one of the last times this season, remember that the golf course is a great place to have fun, enjoy the outdoors and cultivate lasting business relationships.  Just don’t forget to put a few business cards in your golf bag.

Alumni Update

Alumni Update: Joe Johnson

I hope this note finds everyone doing well. Things are definitely great in my world – on December 1st, Jess and I welcomed our son Thomas James into our lives. Mom and baby are doing great and it is easily the best thing that has ever happened to us.
Much like my colleagues, I am very pleased to have evenings and weekends free from worrying about pending papers, projects, or exams. While I adjusted nicely, Jess realized it was nice having me so busy and frequently reminded me how much she liked it when I wasn’t around as much!
I am working for Target on the Business Partnerships & Negotiations team where I support a division within Grocery (specifically Snacks, Beverages, Pets, & Candy – or as Jess says, “4 of the best words in the English language). My job is essentially two-fold – negotiate the purchase of merchandise and manage strategic partnerships.
Negotiating the purchase of merchandise is a lot of fun. It is my job to ensure Target gets the best deal possible – and that goes way beyond just cost. It truly is an interest-based approach and success lies in asking the right questions to get a lot of information to identify interests. Last year $4B worth of cost purchases went through me – no surprise Target stock is tanking!
The other part of my job is really cool. In managing strategic partnerships, I am developing long-range strategic and financial plans with our top vendors (i.e. Pepsi, Nestle, Kraft, etc.). I am very glad I have the opportunity to be strategic right out of school!
Good luck to all of you. Remember to use your time in school to hone your skills and take risks – don’t just check the box.
Talk to you soon!