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September 2013


Cooking up a Team

The upcoming International Club Potluck next Tuesday, September 24, has got me thinking about recipes. What should I bring as my contribution? I love brownies, so I think that may be it.

A good brownie is like a good team. It’s composed of several ingredients, and none is more important than the others.

First, cocoa. By itself it is very bitter. You certainly wouldn’t want to eat it alone.

Next, sugar. Not too much – think of the calories – not too little or you won’t balance cocoa’s bitterness.

Then there’s the eggs. Whipped high so the brownies rise.

Butter. Without it you’d be making some kind of chocolate omelet.

And finally, flour. It gives substance to your brownies.

A set of ingredients, each very different than the other. Each absolutely essential to create a pan of brownies.  Of course teams aren’t brownies, but each team is composed of various members, each of whom brings something special. In the case of the brownies, you might think cocoa was the most important item, but without sugar, your brownie certainly wouldn’t taste very good. Without eggs, you’d have something lying flat in the pan. Without butter, without flour, it simply wouldn’t work!

Look around at the people in your team. Like the brownies, it would be hard to do without any of the ingredients.

Enjoy getting to know each other. Together you will create something you could never make alone.


Student Association Welcomes Class of 2015

On behalf of the UST MBA Student Association, it is with great pleasure I welcome the incoming class of 2015. The Opus College of Business is happy to have you aboard for a fun, challenging educational journey.

New to the MBA program is the Student Association blog, an outlet for second-year students to impart their knowledge onto incoming first-years, and voice their opinions on some of the major experiences you will encounter in the upcoming nine months. In conjunction with the administration, faculty and Student Life, Student Association wants to help you fully embrace your transition from backpack to briefcase.

We understand each of you comes from a unique background. And some of our experiences may not match exactly what you will feel, but we hope our blog will give you a look into what your classmates may be feeling, give you advice on how to overcome challenges, and give you tips on how to make your MBA experience a rousing success.

You were chosen for this program because administration sees the potential in you. They can see the tools you have to offer. They want you to succeed, and will do everything in their power to help you do so. The same can be said about your fellow classmates – those from which you’ll find lifelong friends who will help you achieve success along the way.

With that, SA warmly welcomes you to the UST community and sincerely looks forward to learning about what makes you, well, you.