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September 2011

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The Business of Golf: Lessons Learned at UST

WirthAs I look over the list of 50+ attendees for the Third Annual Full-time UST MBA Student & Alumni Golf outing this weekend, it reminds me of an article I read online from INC. – “5 Business Lessons Learned on the Golf Course”

The article states that golf “remains one of the greatest ways to build and maintain solid business relationships” and provides you with 5 of Arnold Palmer’s principles that are relevant to business.  These 5 principles are almost parallel to the strategies discussed in UST’s Graduate Business Career Service’s (GBCS) Career Labs for Full-time MBA students.  Here’s a quick comparison:

INC: “Always Give a Firm Handshake”
GBCS:  Always give a firm handshake

INC: “Don’t Dwell on Yesterday’s News”
GBCS:  No matter what your background is, make it relevant to the position you are aspiring for.  Tell your story.

INC: “Practice Like A Pro”
GBCS: Practice your elevator pitch

INC: “Use Fear For Fuel”
GBCS: Be passionate about what you do and do it well.  Be persistent.  Don’t be afraid to take risks.

INC: “Befriend Your Enemy…don’t think about your competitors as enemies, but as a challenge for you to work harder”
GBCS: UST has a solid, accredited MBA program.  Be proud of it.  You’re just as good (if not better) than graduates from other accredited MBA programs.  Believe it.

So as you head out to the course possibly for one of the last times this season, remember that the golf course is a great place to have fun, enjoy the outdoors and cultivate lasting business relationships.  Just don’t forget to put a few business cards in your golf bag.

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Ask The Ethics Officer – Class Notes

Dear Ethics Officer:

I have classmates who share their notes and work on practice exams together.  I sometimes use these materials to study for exams but I don’t feel comfortable sharing my own notes with others.  Is this fair?  Am I ‘cheating’?

Dear Classmate:

As students, we are always looking for a little extra help.  However, we are attending a b-school that educates ‘ethical business leaders’ so it is important to understand how sharing notes could be helping or cheating. 

First, if a professor says there is to be no discussion about an assignment, any sharing would be cheating.  But UST does not rank order students for a reason – to foster a sense of community and cooperation.  It’s ok to share your own notes with others (but don’t share notes of another student with other classmates).  If you do not feel that your notes could help people or if you are just uncomfortable sharing your notes, then offer to help in a study session on a specific concept that you understand.  The UST community thrives because we all give to each other and taking without giving back would be considered ‘unfair’.  But not necessarily cheating.  So share, support, and learn from one another!  It’s what our kind of business is all about!

Now 2nd years – let’s share with the 1st years!

What is the best class to hold study groups for?
A tie for Financial Accounting and Statistics

Where is your favorite place to meet study groups?
Third floor break-out rooms in Schulze Hall (64% of the votes!)

What class is note-sharing the most helpful for?
Organizational Behavior (with 56% of the votes) and Operations Management

Posted by Sara Christenson, VP of Ethics, UST MBA Student Association 

Disclaimer: The information presented in this article is the viewpoint of the author, not necessarily the viewpoint of the University of St. Thomas.  All situations can be viewed differently, and the above response is one viewpoint to consider, but does not represent the only viewpoint.


Thou shalt look professional: 10 commandments of workplace dress

This is a great article about what (and what not) to wear in business (school).  Having a background in retail merchandising and several years of buying experience, I find myself noticing clothing choices more and more lately given the varied dress codes of many businesses.  As Trisha Cook mentioned in her Launch Session, people will make an impression about you in about 6 seconds.  So the next time you choose your outfit for the day, either for work or business school, take 6 seconds and ask yourself…is this outfit representing who I am, my personal brand, and my future career?  If it doesn’t scream YES! try, try again. 

From MSN Career Builder: Thou shalt look professional: 10 commandments of workplace dress

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Welcome Students!

It’s great to have you all back on campus! Launch and ReLaunch are over and the academic classes have begun; the commons is bustling, the breakout rooms are full and the sounds of lockers and laughter fill the air.  We are excited to have you back and look forward to many of the upcoming events we hope you will take part in this semester.  

The Student Association (SA)  is busy getting their club activities organized and have planned a club kick-off event on Thursday, September 15.  Now is your chance to get involved.  And, in a few short weeks, the Class of 2013 will elect their First Year Cohort Representatives.  Being a cohort rep is a great way to stay connected to the Student Association and Administration in the FT MBA program.  It also provides great leadership opportunities. 

There are many national conferences coming up this fall; NSHMBA, NBMBAA, Net Impact and NAWMBA.  Keep these conferences in mind as you plan out your fall semester activities.  Funding is available so contact the SA today to apply.

And, don’t forget about your work/life & school/life balance — there are sign-up sheets for various sport clubs to get involved in.  Volleyball, soccer, triathalon and other activities are available.  Sign up today in the commons!

Networking is already in full swing and there are a couple great events coming up next week to practice your pitch.  The Twin Cities Peer Business Network is hosting a Personal Brand Session next Wednesday and the Open 4 Business networking event with UST Alumni is on Thursday evening at Crave.  And, don’t forget about the Golf Outing on Saturday, September 24.  Even if you don’t golf, come on out to the Park Tavern in St. Louis Park next Saturday and mingle with your classmates. 

It’s going to be a great fall semester!