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March 2010


2nd Annual CEBC Ethics Competition on Social Media

Just one week ago, the 2nd Annual CEBC Ethics Case Competition took place at the Opus College of Business. With the support of United Health Group and the local business community, five teams comprised of four full-time MBA students presented their unique approaches to “Social Media, Free Speech and the Ethical Corporation.” Each team was charged with the task of researching and presenting a corporate policy on the issue that took into account business, legal and ethical facets. The competition’s new research-style format allowed for broad research and distinctly varied conclusions presented to the mock executive board. The role of the mock executive board was in a judging capacity and the interaction and expertise of this group elevated the activities of the day even further.
This group included: Kathleen Edmund (Chief Ethics Officer at Best Buy), Rob Föehl (Director of Corporate Compliance & Ethics at Target), Ken Goodpaster, Ph.D. (Koch Endowed Chair in Business Ethics at the University of St. Thomas), Jeanne Hickey (Vice President of Ethics and Compliance Office at ev3 Inc.), Ron James (President and CEO, the Center for Ethical Business Cultures), Jack Radke (Chief Ethics Officer at UnitedHealth Group), Linda Soranno (Vice President, Deputy General Counsel at General Mills), Judith Walker (Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer at BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota). The analysis, review and conversation with the judges proved both an insightful and rewarding component of the competition.
The winning presentation was an all First-Year team, comprised of Noble Duncanson, Sean Elder, Roman Savchenko and Sara Speiker! Congratulations are extended to them for their hard work and compelling policy presentation. Further congratulations are in order for members named to the all-star team: Brittany Barnes, Sean Elder, Roman Savchenko, Brian Slattery and Sara Speiker. These individuals were chosen to represent the University of St. Thomas in the next phase of competition. The overall success of the day however, was due to the immense support and collaboration of students, faculty, judges and sponsors alike. The growth of the competition since it’s first year was notable and the precedent has been set for even higher expectations next year!
Submitted by Brian Slattery


UST places first in ACG Cup

During the first two weeks of February, the University of St. Thomas hosted the ACG Cup competition. The ACG Cup is a case competition sponsored by the Association for Corporate Growth Minnesota. ACG is the premier global association for professionals involved in corporate growth, corporate development, and mergers and acquisitions for mid to large companies.   

Over that two week period, five St. Thomas teams worked on real life cases and presented company valuations, as well as capital market and M&A advice to a panel of investment professionals from the Minneapolis area. The competition gave students a great opportunity to showcase their professional and academic skills.
The University of St. Thomas finished 1st and 3rd in the competition and the University of Iowa took 2nd place.
Submitted by John Quinn

Student Association

Congratulations to the new Student Association!

First of all, my complements to every one of our candidates for office this year. I heard each presentation and was very impressed by the energy and sincerity of each of the candidates, as well as their specific comments regarding areas of focus and opportunities they see to take an already fine program to even greater heights of distinction. Many good ideas were shared, and I hope that our newly elected slate of officers and our community as a whole does not fail to take full advantage of the suggestions and resources offered by the candidates.
Secondly, I want to acknowledge and thank the current SA leadership team for the outstanding job they have done. As they move towards their graduation day I hope each of our SA officers is full of pride for the legacy they will be leaving behind. Thank you to our outgoing President, Nick Sweere, and each of our officers, Mike Bisanz, Colleen Jackson, Brian Slattery, Brandt Uthus, Jace Senske, and Laura Malwitz, as well as first year representatives Joan Cummings and Noble Duncanson, for a fine job, well done.
I would also like to complement the classes of 2010 and 2011 for turning out in strong numbers at yesterday’s elections and participating in the Student Association election process. Thanks to the staff and faculty that came out as well – trust me, it was more than just the free pizza that got them there!
And last but not least, congratulations to our newly elected SA leadership team! To paraphrase Nick Sweere, it’s a little easier thinking about turning over the reins when you’re confident that the new team has the talent and commitment to get the job done. I believe our current SA leadership can look forward to this year’s leadership transition with a great deal of confidence!
Incoming 2010-11 Officers
President: Kelsey Luers
Vice-President, Ethics: Bill Grau
Vice-President, Clubs: John Hutchinson
Vice-President, Communication: Nandini Jaipuriyar
Vice-President, External Affairs: Joan Cummings
Vice-President, Finance: Roman Savchenko
Vice-Presidents, Internal Affairs: Karine Korman
Submitted by Bill Woodson
Assistant Dean, UST MBA Programs

Admissions Updates

Save the date: Admitted Student Day

Please mark your calendar for Admitted Student Day on Saturday, May 8. This day is the most important on-campus event that the admissions office hosts all year. The day provides an opportunity for accepted and confirmed students to interact with their potential classmates, faculty, staff, alumni and current students while getting a better sense of what it means to be a UST MBA.
Part of the day involves a resource fair at which the admissions offices asks for representatives from the student clubs and student association to staff tables and field questions. In addition, we will be asking students to help with breakout sessions and everyone is invited to attend the Dean’s Reception which wraps up the day. Please contact the admissions office if you are interested in helping with this event.
Submitted by Clark Gregor

Student Life

First Book

What was your favorite book growing up? That is a question that most of us have the luxury of answering. Yet there are many children that unfortunately can’t answer that question as they have never actually owned a book or had one long enough to truly immerse themselves in it. Learning to read and owning a book should not be luxuries, they are basic rights of every child no matter their circumstances. We here at the UST MBA chapter of First Book believe that it is time that we who have been so lucky to be blessed with the many fortunes of life give back and make some little dreams come true.
On February 24th, 17 volunteers, among them Associate Dean Woodson, two professors, four staff, nine students and one student’s son spent one hour at Nellie Stone Johnson Community School with 220 children, reading to them for 30 minutes. After the reading all 220 children got a new age-appropriate book to take home and call their own. Additional 40 books were left with the administration of the school for the children that were unable to be there. That makes a total of 260 children that went home that day with a little bit of magic. The volunteers also brought cookies for the children to add a little bit more sweetness to the experience. This entire event was a huge success as many of the volunteers committed to a second reading, as the experience of reading to all these children was mesmerizing and addictive. We would like to thank the UST MBA community and volunteers that helped make this possible and look forward to welcoming YOU at the next reading.
Submitted by Deval Chhaniyara

Student Life

Feed My Starving Children

On February 13th a group of 19 students of the UST Full-Time MBA Program, family and friends, had the opportunity to help improve the life of starving children around the world by working as a volunteers for Feed My Starving Children in Chanhassen.
Feed My Starving Children is a non-profit Christian organization founded in 1987 to eliminate starvation in children throughout the world by hand-packing special formulated meals and shipping them to more than 60 countries around world.
As part of its organizational commitment all the food is packaged by volunteers. We participated in a variety of activities including adding ingredients to each package, weighing and sealing the packages, and filling the boxes for the shipment to the final destinations. In addition to these tasks, other volunteers helped put the identification and nutrition facts stickers on each package, as well as moved the boxes to the warehouse, and refilled the ingredients that were been used by the other volunteers.
The atmosphere in the room was filled with joy and enthusiasm. Everybody was doing their best to package as much food as possible. At the end of two hours, we had 51 boxes by a total of 1836 packages that will feed 30 children for an entire year, almost double our goal!
If you are looking for an organization to support with volunteer work and/or money in order to help others that need it the most, go to Feed My Starving Children Website,, and learn more about how you can help them to achieve its goal. We hope to volunteer for FMSC again in the fall.
Submitted by Joan Cummings


Study Abroad: Mali

John Kamman and I traveled to Mali, Africa for two weeks over J-term. Our trip was part of a non-profit independent study course through UST. Our group consisted of eight students (engineering, sociology, French, and ourselves), four professors, and Kate Herzog (MBA graduate 2009). It was a great hands-on course that combined business with economic development. The overriding purpose of the trip was to partner with the Malian Agribusiness Center and USAID to provide assistance in agricultural development projects that had been initiated. Specifically, we worked on two projects: shea butter and seed potatoes.
Half of our trip was spent in Bamako, the capital of Mali. There we worked with a local shea butter company on their business plan, particularly as the company looked to expand their business to include exports to the U.S. The other half of our trip was spent in Borko, a tiny village in the rural countryside of Mali. In fact, Borko is only about four hours away from Tombouctou, the storied town at the edge of nowhere. In this village we worked with farmers who are planting seed potatoes in their fields with the hope of moving off their dependence on European seed potato imports . This picture shows the potato field in the village of Borko. Throughout the trip we also had a chance to visit cultural sites, develop friendships with Malian graduate students, work on our French, play with the children in the village, and rough it in a village with no running water or electricity. The trip was a tremendous learning experience, both in international business and in development. We’d love to talk more with anyone who is interested.
Submitted by Molli Mikl

Student Life

Did you know?

Student Life Update
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The YMCA, located in LaSalle Plaza, offers a discounted rate for students, simply bring your most recent tax forms for your personalized monthly rate.
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