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April 2009

Student Life

Students Honor Anvar Nigmatullin

The Class of 2010 came together on Thursday, April 9th to honor Anvar Nigmatullin. Throughout the year students have benefited from his notes and spreadsheets for exams and assignments. Anvar was awarded a gift certificate to Best Buy, as he recently expressed interest in a new MP3 player. After a heartwarming speech, he went on to express his thanks with the following note:
Dear Fellow Students,
I am very grateful for your recognition. It was a very pleasant surprise. Thank you very much.
As I was trying to say at the Town Hall Meeting, I am very proud to be among such a talented, smart and nice cohort. Remember, Prof Pitre said that we should enjoy our time being among such smart people, because we might not have a luxury of having such situations in the future. Isn’t this true of us? And that brings a desire to contribute to this program. One way I see it is by helping others.
On the other hand, my previous student and career life proved that when I did my best for the community, we all advanced – i.e. it was a win-win situation.
And I believe that the concept of the success of the group over the individual is in fact the way to go forward in these challenging times. And if we continue to help each other throughout this program and beyond graduation, then I am sure we will all do fine, regardless of how bad the economy gets.
Thank you again,
Anvar Nigmatullin
Submitted by editor

Student Life

Vivian Callaway shares career insight

NAWMBA and the Marketing Club held their first event organized by new leadership for both clubs on April 2nd. Vivian Callaway – V.P of Consumers Insights at General Mills shared career insights and the 30 attendees enjoyed networking with appetizers. Dean Puto, Assistant Dean Woodson and Linda Sloan – Director of the Graduate Business Career Service, attended the event as well.
Vivian shared great points on what her career has taught her. She advised on the importance of being passionate when choosing the industry, organization and function for your career as you always do better in what you love. She continued by stating that communication skills are very essential and should be emphasized. Vivian made an interesting point that “It is important to note that nobody is as smart as everybody and so it is important to be a team player and learn what others do.” In addition, honesty is the best policy in working for any organization and it is better to earn respect than love. Finally, Vivian advised to live a full life and bring the outside into your organization. – ’It is better than Ok to be human.’
When posed with a question regarding advice for jobs/internships in the current recession, Vivian advised to make personal connections through informational interviews and the exploration of part time jobs in the meantime. Anything that presents an opportunity to get your way into an organization and float brilliant ideas that would be of interest to potential employers could lead to long term success. Vivian also noted the importance of including information in your resume about how you made a difference in a situation and the outcome in order to stand out from the many smart people out there. She noted that General Mills is a leader in promoting women to executive levels and suggested that the face of many organizations has changed over the years. Women are getting more involved and being recognized. Callaway noted that while it is important to look for signs that an organization is inclusive, it is becoming less of an issue as most companies have adopted an inclusive philosophy.
Vivian finished her presentation by reminding us that ‘There is no right way, so do it your way’
Submitted by Joan Malit

Upcoming Events

David Brooks to speak on Minneapolis campus

In December 1997, Opus Corporation funded an endowment at the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business to develop an international speakers program. Today, the Opus Distinguished Speakers Program brings nationally recognized leaders of business, government and academia to campus for periods of up to five days. Those leaders invited to serve as Opus Speakers are chosen for their outstanding accomplishments, public service and character.
The purpose of the program is to expose students and faculty to the latest ideas and forces that are shaping American and international business. Leaders and executives, who face these issues daily, provide significant educational enrichment that complements the in-class curriculum. In addition, the program enhances the reputation of the business school by affording the greater community access to the visiting scholar.
David Brooks, columnist, commentator and author will speak at the University of St. Thomas Minneapolis campus on May 5, 2009. As the 2009 Opus Distinguished Speaker, Brooks is the 18th speaker to offer his extraordinary insights and perspectives to the St. Thomas community and the general public. For more information and to register to the public presentation please go to
Full-time UST MBA students are invited to have lunch with Mr. Brooks on Tuesday, May 5, 12:30 – 1:30 p.m., in Opus Hall 201. Mr. Brooks will speak about how he has managed his career as an international journalist and will answer questions from the group. This is a very special opportunity and more information will follow shortly.
Article submitted by editor

Admissions Updates

April Admissions Update

The fourth Full-time UST MBA application deadline is rapidly approaching on April 15. The admissions office is predicting to review more applications under this deadline than any other single deadline since the program began. As you may have noticed, this means lots of prospective students visiting campus. We appreciate how welcoming you have made these applicants feel during their visits. Thanks to all of you who have assisted with interviews, hosted students for class or lunch, presented at recent events, and made recruiting phone calls.
In addition to April 15 being an application deadline, it is also a deadline for many of the applicants accepted during the February 15 round to accept or decline their admissions offer. Many of you have helped recruit these students through various forms of interaction and your insight and expertise is invaluable to students’ decisions.
Please mark your calendar for Admitted Student Day on Saturday, May 9. This day is the most important on-campus event that the admissions office hosts all year. The day provides an opportunity for accepted and confirmed students to interact with their potential classmates, faculty, staff, alumni and current students and a get a better sense of what it means to be a UST MBA. Part of the day involves a resource fair at which the admissions offices asks for representatives from the student clubs and student association to staff tables and field questions. In addition, we will be asking certain students to help with breakout sessions and everyone is invited to attend the Dean’s Reception which wraps up the day. Please contact the admissions office if you are interested in helping with this event.
Submitted by Full-time UST MBA Admissions

Career Services

Christy Damen’s job search strategy

It’s difficult to balance conducting a job search while working or going to school full-time. Here’s a suggested plan that reflects the competitive reality of today’s job market, also available on While entire books have been written about many of the topics below, the goal of this outline is to help you quickly set up the basic framework for your job search.
Article written and submitted by Christy Damen

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Alumni Update

Alumni Update: Joe Johnson

I hope this note finds everyone doing well. Things are definitely great in my world – on December 1st, Jess and I welcomed our son Thomas James into our lives. Mom and baby are doing great and it is easily the best thing that has ever happened to us.
Much like my colleagues, I am very pleased to have evenings and weekends free from worrying about pending papers, projects, or exams. While I adjusted nicely, Jess realized it was nice having me so busy and frequently reminded me how much she liked it when I wasn’t around as much!
I am working for Target on the Business Partnerships & Negotiations team where I support a division within Grocery (specifically Snacks, Beverages, Pets, & Candy – or as Jess says, “4 of the best words in the English language). My job is essentially two-fold – negotiate the purchase of merchandise and manage strategic partnerships.
Negotiating the purchase of merchandise is a lot of fun. It is my job to ensure Target gets the best deal possible – and that goes way beyond just cost. It truly is an interest-based approach and success lies in asking the right questions to get a lot of information to identify interests. Last year $4B worth of cost purchases went through me – no surprise Target stock is tanking!
The other part of my job is really cool. In managing strategic partnerships, I am developing long-range strategic and financial plans with our top vendors (i.e. Pepsi, Nestle, Kraft, etc.). I am very glad I have the opportunity to be strategic right out of school!
Good luck to all of you. Remember to use your time in school to hone your skills and take risks – don’t just check the box.
Talk to you soon!

Student Life

Bed Race for Bridging

On Saturday, March 7, four teams represented the UST MBA at the Bed Race for Bridging. The Bed Race is an annual race at Buck Hill in Burnsville, MN, that raises money for Bridging, a Minnesota non-profit organization that provides furniture and household goods to families in need. Teams in costumes race down Buck Hill on inflatable mattresses; prizes are awarded for the fastest teams, the best costumes, and the largest pledges.
One of Bridging’s biggest needs has always been beds, which is why the Bed Race was created. Every Bed Race team registration buys a bed and every $120 in pledges buys another bed. This year, 151 teams collectively raised $85,000, enough to provide beds for 700 disadvantaged children!
This year’s highest-pledging team had contributed $7197 in pledges at the time of the race. The costume contest winners were dressed as Captain Sully from Flight 1549 and the birds that caused the plane’s “bird problem.” Other costume highlights included Legos, classic works of art, cups of hot chocolate, and UST’s very own 80s aerobics troop, Vikings fans, financial planners, and the Kobra Kai. Check out the pictures!
Bed Race for Bridging is a blast, and it supports a really great cause. We hope to see continued UST MBA representation at the Spectacle On The Hill in the years to come!
Article submitted by Chris Cook