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The Joy of It

I was having lunch in “The Lab”, a UST Entrepreneurship classroom and student development incubator, with Kate Herzog (MBA 2009).  Kate is the founder of House of Talents (, a business she incubates from our Lab. During our discussion she noted, “Some days my business just moves so fast…I never sit down.  Who would have thought it would be this way?  But I’d never trade it back for my old corporate job.  I get so much joy from running my own business.”

Dr. Jay Ebben's Posts

The Risk of Failure?

In my experience, two of the key roadblocks that keep people from heading down an entrepreneurial path have to do with risk.  The first is the risk that if they start investigating their concept, they will be told they have a “bad” idea.  The second is what happens if they start the business and it doesn’t work out?

This is why programs like our practicing entrepreneurs group and our entrepreneurial lab are so important.   Continue Reading