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Innovation and New Products

I am guest lecturing at the University of Ljubljana this semester and am helping with an introduction to entrepreneurship course.  Yesterday after class, a student approached me and asked, “Why do good businesses have to involve innovation and new products?”  I get this type of question often, and it appears to be fairly universal.

While innovation and new products are part of it, entrepreneurship is really about meeting market needs.  The fact is that the market needs car washes and coffee shops just as much as it needs iPods.  That’s not to underplay the importance of innovation, but students (and others) should be identifying opportunities based on trends and underserved markets, along with what is of personal interest to them, rather than tossing out business ideas that are not “unique” enough.  It may take innovation or a new product to meet a market need, but it may not.  And one way isn’t better than the other.

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