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Explore days of the week with Pascale!

A view of Rwamagana hospital.

Rwamagana hospital is a relatively large hospital, it has 11 departments where maternity is the busiest. The maintenance department has three Biomedical Equipment technicians (BMETs) that are well trained and organized. Having three interns in the workshop did not help them a lot as we expected since they do not have a large equipment graveyard and they do preventive maintenance often. Instead it helped us learn from them and acquire new skills that we did not learn in our first month of training.

This blog contains some of the activities we did in the past weeks.


Unfortunately, we were not able to repair the ironing machine, because we did not have coils to replace in the motor to make it work.

Me and Lauren working on an ironing machine.


Burnt coils found in the ironing machine.














My team repairing knobs of fetal monitors.

Working fetal monitor with a repaired knob.



















An Electro-Surgery unit we worked on.

Soap we used as a body simulation to test the cut and coagulate probe of the electro-surgery unit.

Ultrasound machine we were unable to repair because it was a software issue and we did not find a service manual for it.





My team ready to clean and organize the workshop.




We sorted tools and organized them according to their use and type.

Some of the drawers we organized.

One of our On The Ground Coordinator, Claire came to visit us at work.





Heart of Hope coffee shop.











We have a tradition to go to a coffee shop (Heart of Hope or Art of Hope coffee shop according to google) that is a 20 min bus drive from our hotel every Wednesday after work for dinner.






A selfie with our barista, now a friend, in front of the coffee shop. 




My team ready to visit the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.



Our hospital’s Neonatal Intensive care unit.

My team after repairing a VisiChart monitor, and the head of the maintenance department after repairing an Ophthalmoscope.





















Me and Gabby after working on changing a rusted wheel on a cart.

Me and Lauren soldering wires of an extension cord.


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