Started from germination and growth, but we are now ready to bloom! – Engineers for World Health

Started from germination and growth, but we are now ready to bloom!

For the last two weeks of training we visited King Faisal hospital and Muhima hospital. I was so excited to visit King Faisal hospital because it is one of the best and well equipped hospitals in Rwanda. When we went there we did not expect to find many equipment to work on, but surprisingly the eight of us that went there repaired six equipment that were then put back on the floor.

Pascale (Me) and Lauren checking the brightness of a medical lamp we repaired.

Cannon, Alex, and Maya repairing a suction machine.

EWH team after their visit at King Faisal hospital.











At Muhima hospital, we did not repair many equipment because they required spare parts
that we did not have access to. We repaired bladders of two cuffs that were
malfunctioning due to leakage.

Gabriella and Patience testing to see if the blood pressure machine was giving the correct readings.

EWH team and their instructor Dr. Moreno in front of Muhima hospital.

We also visited Agahozo Shalom youth village which is a non-profit whose aim is to
provide vulnerable and orphaned youth with necessary healing and education. We built
an ECG simulator with some of the students, and each one got to keep it.

Agahozo Shalom students soldering parts of their ECG simulator on the circuit

During the final week of training we organized an EWH championship where we split
into two teams and played football.

EWH students after their football championship

The sad part is always when you have to say goodbye to the people you spent time with
even when you are going to see each other after a month or less!

On the ground coordinators, a friendship sister, EWH students, and IPRC
students before going to their assigned hospital placement

My team on the first day of work at Rwamagana hospital ready to apply all the knowledge acquired during training.

This past week we started working as volunteer biomedical technicians in the
maintenance department of Rwamagana hospital. The staff of the hospital that we have
met so far is so friendly and welcoming. We got to know that the biomedical technicians
there do not only work on biomedical equipment, but are also responsible for distributing
oxygen, repairing doors, and changing lamps. It was helpful to work with one of the
biomedical technicians for half a day because we got to learn all of those skills.

One of the biomedical technicians, Baptiste, showing us how to do preventive maintenance of a suction machine

Some of us started in seed form not knowing many names of hospital equipment, but we
germinated and grew, and we are now ready to bloom and make an impact at our
assigned hospital placements!

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