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It’s only been a week, but…

These people have been a blessing to me so far in my experience.

EWH students, on the ground coordinators, and IPRC students.

Seniors majoring in biomedical engineering from IPRC, the school where our classes are held joined us so that they can learn more English and help non-Kinyarwanda speakers practice using the language. IPRC students also help us in labs because they have already covered most of the material that we are going to learn in this first month of training.




Two EWH students and two IPRC students working on an oxygen concentrator.

Thursday this week we visited Kibagabaga hospital in Kigali where we worked on different medical devices with a goal of fixing them or identifying the main problems that caused them not to function. At first, it was a daunting experience for me because I had never worked on a medical device, and I

thought that the two days we had of training before visiting the hospital were not enough. But, I was mistaken because as we opened our oxygen concentrator and analyzed the circuits and other parts to check if they were functioning properly, I started feeling more comfortable and confident that we could be able to fix it. Unfortunately, we could not fix it because it had many missing inside parts that we did not have replacement for, and its zeolite tanks had expired.



As a mechanical engineering major, I have not yet made an extension cord in any of my lab classes. So, I was so happy when we plugged in ours and it worked. I learned a lot about continuity, ground, live, and neutral.

My lab team working on an extension cord.

Sunset in Kigali viewed from ICT Innovation center’s rooftop.




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