So Long, Farewell

January 24th

Rise and shine! Today was an early morning and obviously a day dedicated to traveling. We wanted to be at the airport at a decent time because we had an international flight and such. Our flight was expected to be almost 11 hours. Yes 11 hours, and unlike the accomodations we had on our flight to Rome, we did not have individual tv screens. Luckily there were 4 movies that were played, and most of us watched all of them. Not alot of sleeping was done because let’s face it, sleeping on a plane proves to be difficult. 11 hours later we were arriving in Atlanta. We not only survived the flight, but survived customs! It was nice to be back in the States. Only a 2 hour plane ride separating us from our actual home state. We were lucky to not have anything dramatic happen on our travels and made it home safe.

A few closing remarks. Now being back, we’ve all been bombarded with the question, “So how was your J-Term?” Obviously this is not a question that can be easily answered. We had three weeks of seeing things that people dream their whole lives of seeing (being there was really like being in a dream). Not only that but the amount of material we were exposed to was un-real. So don’t be offended if we respond “good” and can’t seem to come up with some fantastic remark right away.

We have all been able to take something different away from this trip, something we will all carry with us for the rest of our lives. So a special thanks to all the friends and family that made this trip possible for all of us! Words cannot describe how thankful we are.

One last thing,


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