Last Day in Italy

January 23rd

Already the last day. I think it’s safe to say that this trip went by incredibly fast. Maybe too fast. Today we had a chance to go to the Museum of Science in Florence. (This museum was a little different than the one we have back in St. Paul) We had our own time to stroll around the exhibits, and had an electronic device to help guide us. Cameras weren’t allowed in the museum but there were some really interesting things inside, things that we take for granted. Some of the coolest things had to do with Galileo. Not only did we get to see his fingers and a tooth, but we got to see his telescopes. What a brilliant man he was. After we finished at the Science Museum, we had a couple hours to do whatever we pleased. Naturally we all went shopping to the markets and got some last minute gifts. We all met back at the hotel and hopped onto the bus, a place we’ve grown accustomed to. We had our last glimpse of Florence and then headed for our last meal together.

What an adventure our last night together was. We ended up having dinner in a town in a mountain-esque town where there was actually snow. The bus dropped us off at a certain point and we had to walk the rest of the way to the restaurant, which doesn’t seem like a big deal. Try walking downhill on ice! On the way we stopped and admired a palace that was a summer home for one of the wealthiest families in Italy hundreds of years ago. We were almost at our destination when four little kids bombarded us with snow balls. Their aim was definitely accurate, I should know I got hit by one. Dinner was relaxed and absolutely wonderful, another 5 course meal. The professors said their last remarks which included Barbara presenting us with mini awards, of coure there was alot of laughter. After a fantastic meal we were headed back to Rome.

We stayed at a hotel close to the airport  which would be fantastic for our early morning flight. This was by far the nicest place we stayed at all trip. It was nice to get a comfortable sleep before our big day of travel.

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