Fast Cars and Motorcycles

January 19th

(Apologies for having these out of order)

Today was all about cars and bikes. We had the privelege to go on factory tours of both Maserati and Ducati. The first tour we went on was that of Maserati. We had a chance to walk through the factory as the cars were being hand assembled. Maserati is all about the quality. We learned that they only produce around 5,300 cars a year. This is extremely low, no wonder the cars cost so much! It was pretty cool to see the whole process in action. I think secretly we had all wanted to “test drive” one of those cars. There are only 4 test drivers that put on about 60 miles before the car is shipped off to a dealership. How would you like to have that as your job? After the tour we all tried to get pictures in the cars in the showroom. That didn’t last too long as you can imagine, and finally a worker came out and locked all the cars on us.

Before heading to the Ducati factory we took the bus out into the middle of nowhere. We all wondered where we were at. Apparently on the outskirts of Modena, the town that the Maserati is based out of. Anyways we were at the place we were going to eat for lunch. I don’t think any of us were prepared for what was instore for us. We had a five course lunch! For once we didn’t have pizza! The food was delicious. The day was looking good so far.

Now that we were all fueled up, Ducati was next on the list. This tour was enjoyable because the tour guides kept a good pace, and many of us didn’t get too bored. Most of us enjoyed watching the testing chambers where men would get the bikes going fast and test the brakes and emmissions and such. After the tour we all got to walk around the museum which was awesome. It was in a circular shape with rooms off the main way. It started from the first bikes (think a bicycle with an engine) and then progressed up to the modern day models. It was great to see the evolution of the bike, and how far the technology has came in 50 years.

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