Goodbye Roma

January 17th

Our last day in Rome… Where did the time go?

We had the morning to pack and hang out before heading to Naples. A few of us went to our favorite pizzeria to say goodbye to the owner Alberto and have one last decent meal before traveling.

Before we could actually leave we had one last thing to do. We met a professor at the Roman Forum to be geeky. The topic: technology used on old monuments to monitor the integrity of the structure. This professor that we talked to was the head of the project that set up all the equipment on this basilica in the forum.  What was neat was we had been to this exact spot a few days ago and none of us noticed the technology… they did a good job of designing it! The purpose is to monitor the natural shifting of the buildings over long periods of time.

We took about a 3 hour bus ride south to Naples to Hotel Rex. Had a chance to have a group dinner at a pretty swanky restaurant  where we had… PIZZA!! One thing we’ve all learned is that the Italians sure like their pizzas. After dinner we took a very short walking tour where we befriended a stray dog, which followed us back to the hotel. We appropriately named him Rex.

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