Free Day

January 16th

One full day to do whatever we wanted. Oh the possibilities!

A majority of us (13) decided we wanted to be extra adventurous and take an excursion to Venice. We were up at about 6 am. Headed to the metro to get to Termini which is where we caught the bullet train. It took less than 4 hours with multiple stops to get to our destination. We were all expecting sunny skies because that’s what it was like on the majority of the train ride. We arrived and were surprised… foggy and cold. And when I say cold I mean hat and mittens weather. You could imagine none of us were prepared for this. Anyways we all made the best of it and walked around all day and ate as we went. One nice thing about Venice: no cars that could potentially run you over because Venice is all canals. Before we knew it the day was over and we were headed back to Roma.

Some of the other students that didn’t come with us to Venice went to a soccer game and just hung out around the hotel catching up on miscellaneous things.

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