January 13th

Today was pretty laid back.  In the moring we heard presentations from Claudio and Alessandra on aquaducts and Villa dei Quintili both of which we will be seeing on January 14th.  After these presentations we had time to prepare for group presentations which were assigned on earlier this week.  Then we listened to the 15-20 minute presentations prepared by our classmates.  The presentations were as follows:

  • Wine: how to tell good from bad and some proper wine tasting procedures
  • Venice:  the history and attractions
  • Arches: including a SolidWorks analysis
  • Italian Cars:  including Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Lamborghini
  • The Colosseum: some history, past and present uses and some information on the Gladitorial games

After the presentations, Barbera and John treated us to dinner.  We boarded a coach bus and were taken to a small resturaunt for our delicious meal. We were seated at a table for 23 in an enclosed tent coming off of the front of the small resturant.  The meal consisted of an appetizer of cod and artichoke, a first dish of pasta, a second dish consisting of meat and salad, then finally a dessert of a berry filled cake.  Most of the group also enjoyed wine with their meal.  Wine is enjoyed by the Romans almost daily and you know what they say…When in Rome!

Claudio on the left - our Italian coordinator and guide, John on the right - one of our instructors

Claudio on the left - our Italian coordinator and guide, John on the right - one of our instructors at the resturant for dinner

Getting home from the resturant we were on our own.  A majority of the group walked back taking many different routes.  Some strolled by the river while some took a more direct route.  After the laid back day we had, I was ready for some walking so I walked back, it took about an hour at the slow pace we were going.  It was a wonderful night!

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