The smallest country in the world: Vatican City

January 10th

Today was all about the Vatican.  We saw almost everything that the vatican had to offer and there was so much!! First we walked through the vatican museum which had so many interesting works of art.  We went into room after room of statues, tapestries and murals, it all seemed never ending.  The Vatican has such a history and it was all there, told through pieces of art.

Finally, we made our way to the Sistine Chapel.  There was no photography allowed in the Sistine Chapel, but it was extremely impressive.  Literally the entire inside of the church was painted, and each painting told a story.  The stories of Christ and Moses were present and, of course, the famous “Creation of Adam”.  The entire ceiling and all four walls had intricate murals on them.  The paintings also had perspective to them, they weren’t just the ordinary two dimensional paintings, everything looked to detailed and real.  The 20 minutes we spent gazing above at the stories of Michelangelo were simply not enough.

Later, we finally got to go into the largest church in the world, St Peter’s Basilica.  We had seen the outside of this monumentous church, but the inside was just as breath taking.  The enormous alter stood at the far end underneath the dome and left us in awe at the door.  The statues and art all around the basilica were simply beautiful.

After we had taken in the basilica, the rest of the day was free.  But most of us, if not all, hadn’t had enough.  We wanted to climb the 550-ish stairs to reach the very top of the dome.  I don’t know what 550 may seem like to others, but that is ALOT OF STAIRS!  But we made it, and it was totally worth it!  The view was amazing.

After we came back down, we grabbed a quick lunch then headed back to the hotel to catch up on homework and have a class discussion.  Once the business was out of the way, we all grabbed dinner.  Some went to a place famous for its orange tortellini, while a few decided to mix it up some.  Italian is so good, but you have to mix it up every once in a while, so some went to a Mexican restaurant:  La Cucarach.  Despite being called “The Cockroach”, the food was delicious and a nice change of pace.  Afterwards we all returned to the hotel for a quiet night of pool and Uno, then off to bed!

PS:  We are having some issues getting pictures to upload into the blog right now.  We have emailed IT but we may find a different solution.  We will keep you posted.

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